Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who Needs a Foodsaver...

When you have storage baggies and a straw?!  It works so I'm not gonna knock it!  I've been separating things and putting them in the freezer and I'm appreciating my handy straw and baggies team. :)

In other news, we went to the doctor again today.  Yeah, I told him we should just camp out there because it was becoming a daily habit.  Anyway, this time was for Zekey's well kid and to have Braden's hands looked at.  Zekey is 37 lbs and 9 oz and 42".  Braden didn't get his height done because it was not a well check for him, but his weight is 50 lbs 3 oz.

When Zekes got his temp. check, he had a bit of a fever and then when the doc took a look, he found both ears with an infection. :(  Not a new occurrence, but we will be doing some more garlic and onion ear drops.  Zekers also had to get three shots.  He hadn't had any since he was two-ish, so his face alternated between shock, horror and anguish.  Poor Zekey!  He only cried during the process and for a few seconds afterward, but some toys and a sucker later, he was right as rain. ;p

I love our kids' doctor!  He is very much a let's-give-em-meds-if-they-need-it-and-try-alternative-routes-if-we-can.  He doesn't ever scoff at my alternative measures and most of the time he is already aware of them and just supports and encourages.  That is such an unusual stance for a doctor and I feel very blessed to have him as our pediatrician!  Point in case - Braden's hands have many warts on them.  I know this can be a sensitive subject, but  we don't make a big deal out of it and he knows the facts of what they are and why we are trying to get rid of them.  He also knows that both Sam and I have dealt with them.  Sam had them when he was little and I had a very pesky one when I was around 12-ish.  I got mine frozen off and Sam had to get his burned off.  So, today, Braden got two of them frozen.  The doctor and I discussed several options and I ended up liking the idea of just aiming at one on each hand and seeing if it will jump start an immune response for the rest of them.  If it doesn't work, we'll probably either go in on occasion to get several frozen off at a time or the nurse had an interesting suggestion.  She said her daughter had lots on her fingers and nothing really worked until she went to see the dermatologist and he injected yeast into them.  Same principle at work - trying to get the body to realize there is an infection there and to attack it.  We'll see what happens.        

Hopefully, we are done with the doctor trips for a while. :)

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