Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a quick note

I feel soooooo much better today!  Yay.  I've got to give God all the glory here.  When the situation calls for much more strength, energy and/or ability than I have and everything that needs to get done, gets done....that's God.  Yesterday, I shouldn't have been able to get up and move around, get the kids ready, make it to the appointment, wait in the doctor's office, then go and get prescriptions filled and get the kids home and fed and put down for their respective rest times, but it all happened and God is so good to carry me when I can't walk and be strong when I am weak.  What a wonderful God I serve!  Thank you, Father, for your unfailing mercy and grace in my life.  Thank you for the wonderful nurses that are caring for me during this pregnancy and for the medicine that is needed.  Thank you for my brothers and sisters who pray for me. Thank you for loving me and my family and caring for every detail.  Most of all, I am grateful that you are in control and I can rest in You and be filled with Your peace that passes all understanding.  Thank you for being with me always.  I hope I am a blessing to your heart.  Praise you, God!

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