Friday, September 26, 2008

A little baby update

I just thought I'd let everyone know how its going.  For the past couple of days I've been feeling the baby wiggly around.  Its so funny to me because I don't ever get the fluttery feeling first.  Probably because I don't pay much attention or I don't sit down very much at this stage.  I don't know, but when I finally do feel the baby move it is big time wiggling, kicking and thumping.  Its not at all unpleasant, yet, and I really like this stage because I know that little person is doing okay in there by all the movement.  I'm looking forward to the ultrasound on the 10th.  I'll be getting a dvd of the whole thing.  Since I've had so many, I'm not too shabby at knowing what is where, so I'm going to have to intentionally not look in a certain area and see what there is or isn't there. :)  I haven't thrown up for over a month now.  I actually think its been more like two, but my sense of time along with my memory are so abstract, so I'm really just guessing.  I do still have heave attacks, but its usually in conjunction with really bad smells, like pooh, the trash, etc.  I still haven't been able to take vitamins consistently, but I did take two of the boys' vitamins yesterday.  They are those gummy vitamins and they went down just fine.  The other ones aren't bad, its just because I have to swallow them and my gag reflex is still strong with this one, it just isn't working at this time.  This is the first pregnancy that I haven't diligently taken vitamins once the throwing up part was over.  I know I eat enough different kinds of food and enough of it, so I'm pretty sure I'm good.  I know I've gotten the folic acid I need through my food, so yay.  I still haven't gained any weight, yet.  That's the oddest part for me so far.  NOT that I'm complaining mind you, its just weird.  Both of my other pregnancies ended in my having gained 35+ pounds.  Also, after Braden, I never lost all the weight, so I started out the pregnancy with Zekey with an extra twenty pounds and then this one started with an extra thirty.  I seriously think its the way the doctor told me to eat.  Plus, I've been up and moving around pretty much the whole time.  Even in the beginning of this one, I would make myself get up and get things done and now that I have more energy and I'm not constantly nauseated, I get out and about a lot.  Activity level and eating style is what I think has made the most difference.  Oh, yeah, and I've cut a lot of sugar out of my diet.  I don't usually want sweets now and I stopped drinking the tons of sweet tea and juice that I had been drinking at the beginning when nothing sounded good or tasted right.  I really drink mostly water with a sweet tea or juice thrown in every now and then.  Either way, its still weird and I know I'm going to hear an earful from my doctor next time I go in.  It should be interesting.  I'm also going to go check out the hospital where I will be delivering.  I like to go and tour the birthing facility and get familiar with the check in process and all that as soon as I can.  I'll probably go after I have my appointment on the 10th, since its right down the road.  


Michawn said...

hey girl. so, as you know, we have had surprises with each of our births. i have to say that we've never had a close call in seeing 'the parts.' :) i saw plenty of ultrasounds in nursing school, etc. and also, of course, while pregnant (this time esp....i had lots). but, as long as you tell the people you DON'T want to know, they are surprisingly REALLY good about not going over that area. when i was pregnant with grady, we got a tape of the ultrasound (at 21 weeks i think) and about the 5th time i watched it, i did grab a 0.1 second glimpse of what i thought was maybe a little 'protrusion.' :) turns out, maybe that was what i saw. but, i think as long as you don't study it (i've also always deliberately not tried to find anything or figure it out) and make your wishes known to the techs and everyone involved, you'll be fine. how fun! glad you are feeling well.

DyessFam said...

Thanks, Michawn!

kjames106 said...

Thanks for the update! I hope to meet this little one. Who knows, maybe you will have it in east TX and I can come there?

I can't wait to see your pics from pic people!!!! YAY!!!

I am so glad your pregnancy is going so well. The fact that you got preggo on your own the last two times gives me hope. I really think that I have pinpointed when I'm going to ovulate and when I'm not. So, maybe that's good? Who knows? May be Femara time for me again? Time will tell!

Glad you guys are doing well!