Friday, September 12, 2008

We got a new camera!

We finally got a new digital camera! Its about time, too, really. We were originally supposed to get one last February, but something came up. Then we were gonna get it in May. That too was a bust. Then we just were waiting. After much discussion and hemming and hawing, we decided it was time. We've missed many moments we would have liked to get on "film", especially with our kids.

I wrote in an earlier post that I decided to get the Canon 40D because after researching all the available models, I thought this one would be the best one to get for photography school and beyond. Well, after finding out that I'm preggo, my priorities have changed. If an opportunity arises where I can start school then that might happen, but really it doesn't fit into my life right now. Though I'm still behind in getting all the homeschool stuff ready for Braden, I am getting close and its going to be so much fun. Then there's Zekey who is learning at lightening speed and requires lots of attention and we will soon have a new member of the family that will need his/her own attention and care and time. I don't think I will be able to devote the required time and attention to school and my heart really isn't in it at this time. Also, the amount of money we would need to have per semester is just more than we need to spend. We could probably come up with it and Sam would do his best to make sure we had it and we could make sacrifices and all that jazz, but why? Just so I can have a piece of paper saying that I know how to use my camera creatively to capture people's moments? I do admit that it is an attractive prospect, but I also know that if I really want to learn how to do something, I can learn it without having to go through all that. When I get a new "toy", I read the manual from cover to cover and if I want to learn techniques, I just look them up or ask someone. Anyway, all that to say we didn't get the 40D. Sam was all for me going ahead and getting it. We were at Costco and I got to drool over it for a few minutes.:) They also had the bundle pack for the EOS Rebel XTI. It came with two IS lenses, an extra battery pack, a memory card and a bag. The 40D was $1400.00, the bundle pack was $940.00 and the third choice was the Digital EOS Rebel XSI with lens for $700.00. The difference between the two Rebels is the XTI is a 10.1 mega pixel and the XSI is a 12.2 MP. I was sorely tempted to get that 40D, let me tell you. I had Sam's okay! The thing is, I don't need it. It is a professional camera and I am not a professional...yet:) Its also huge! Its about a third bigger than the rebel and we need something that Sam or I can use. Also, its $1400!!! Now, it does come with many extras that actually make that price a steal compared with going to any other place and buying that camera, but again....don't need it. We ended up with the XSI in the end. The Rebel bundle pack was an excellent deal just because it had the extra lens in it. The IS lenses run about $400-$600 a piece, so that and all the other included stuff was worth it. Still we opted for the extra mega pixels and went and bought our own bag and memory card and are quite happy with it. Now we just have to learn how to use it! I will be reading the entire manual this weekend and experimenting with it. I'm sooooooo excited! Now I need to figure out what to do with our old Canon digital camera. I'll have to research that. Maybe someone out there is handy at fixing jacked up digital cameras. I'll let you know.

So, now after I figure out everything I need to know about this camera, there will once again be pictures present on this blog! Woo-hoo!

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