Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Braden and Wall-E and other tidbits

We rented Wall-E over the weekend and Braden ended up watching it four times!  He's obsessed.  He's been running all over the house talking about rocket racing with Wall-E and EVE.  So funny.  It really is a very cute movie and after watching it more than once, Sam and I have decided to go ahead and buy it sometime soon.  Zekey liked it,  too, and even though he doesn't know what Braden is really playing, he runs around after him giggling and having fun anyway.  The night after Braden first watched it, his imaginary friend Wall-E slept with him and he even had me give him a good night kiss.  He really does have quite an imagination.  He's also gotten Wall-E and EVE involved in battling Harrod to keep baby Jesus safe in some of his play scenarios.  You just never know, right?  Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny.

We also rented Horton Hears a Who.  All I have to say is...not what I expected.  Why can't they just remain true to Dr. Seuss' style?  What was the deal with the anime sequence thrown in there?!?!?!  Good grief!  I also couldn't get over how many times the words/phrases: shut up, imbecile and idiot were said.  Hello?!  Has it come to such a sad state that better wording can't be used in a children's movie?  Needless to say, we're not interested in purchasing, or for that matter, watching that movie again.  Yeah.  Okay, I'm done ranting about that movie, but I do have to rant about another one.....sort of.

We rented Hancock, too.  We actually did look at what it was rated for and because there didn't seem to be any sexual content, we thought it might be okay.  Not so much.  There is a whole scene that we had to fast forward through that wasn't mentioned in the ratings...at all!  What is that?!  Very irritating.  It showed no nudity, but the woman had her "dress top" open and her bra was completely exposed in the front.  Also, the alluded to act and subsequent sounds left no doubts as to what they were doing.  Yeah, nothing mentioned about any of that.  I also felt really let down after the movie was over.  In addition to the excess of expletives, I felt like the movie was somehow beneath the usual choices of movie for Will Smith.  Don't get me wrong, his acting was really good, just the caliber of movie was somehow less.  Anyway, I felt like I had wasted life to watch that particular movie.

Here are some movies you might like if you like clean period British movies.  If you have Netflix, they are also on instant play:

Under the Greenwood Tree
Martin Chuzzlewit
Wives and Daughters
North and South (not about the Civil War, this one is a British film)

Let me know what you think, if you get around to watching any of them.:)

On a happy note, we were really glad to just have a weekend to spend together and veg out!  We did go to Austin to go to Costco and got some things that we'd been waiting to get.  Sam also was able to find some tools that he's been needing and got them at an unexpectedly lower price.  Yay!!!  I was able to get some nursing bras and a nursing shirt and some gel packs for less by being able to split my order up between two websites.  It made the biggest difference with the shipping in the end to do it that way.  (I've updated the links in the sidebar, if anyone is interested.)  I also found a shirt that acts as the under layer of a nursing shirt, but its separate and you can wear it under any shirt you want thus turning it into a nursing shirt!  How cool is that?  Another nice thing was I found a site that sells Moby Wraps, but has free shipping.  Oh, yeah, love that!  I did have a disappointment in the nursing pillow area.  The one that I was wanting to get is not being produced at the moment as they are searching for a different manufacturer and they won't have any available in time for me.  I'll have to go back to the one that I was looking at in the first place.  Its okay though, its basically the same kind of pillow, but without the safety shield on it.  You can compare the two here (my brest friend, the one I'll prolly end up with) and here (my baby's nest, the one I'd rather have.:)

I think that'll do for now.  Hopefully, I'll be able to update more now that the holidays are over and things are going back to normal-ish.  I'll try to do a post on all the maternity and nursing sites that I have found interesting and cost effective.....soon.


Nessa and Jeebs said...

my brest friend- that makes me laugh. Yes, that Christmas one- hehehehe it was funny. We got Wall-E and watched it about 4 or 5 times too- Cagey fell asleep every time except once maybe- I think we might buy it just so he'll take naps :) We watched Hancock too- I thought the language was horrible, but the rest was sort of funny. I don't remember any sex scenes, but it was late and I was playing sudoku at the same time :)

rachel said...

i used to really like will smith, but i've read some strange stuff about him lately. he swears he isn't a scientologist, but he uses scientology ideals for the basis of a private school he funds and says he is now a student of "world religion." research him and see what you think.