Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dream, dream, dream

I had a dream the other night and I'm going to tell on myself here for a minute or two. I was at this place that I recognized in the dream as a Sam's club, though I don't know exactly where. (Of course, after I woke up, the Sam's club in my dream in no way looked anything like a real one. Know what I mean?) Anyway, out behind the club there was a park of sorts with several sets of swings, slides, various other playground equipment and covered picnic table areas. Apparently, you could reserve these areas for birthday parties and such and there were decorations up all over the entire area. I was there with a playgroup or something and our kids were playing on the swings and things and the moms were sitting at one of the end picnic tables to be out of the way. Well, up comes this lady and she says that she has reserved the entire play area and that we needed to vacate the area. I do remember in the dream that she said all of that in a nice manner. ***Right here I need to explain something about my dreams. There are many times that while I'm asleep, I realize I am in a dream and I can change my actions in the dream. I learned to do this when I was really little after someone told me about taking control of your nightmares. For me, it works and I am able to do it most of the time whatever kind of dream I am having as long as I realize its a dream.*** So, after she says that to us, here's what happened. I knew that I was in a dream at this point and what I should have done was say, "Please, excuse us for not obeying the rules, we'll leave immediately!" Yeah, I didn't say that. I was already irritated at her in the dream because I just didn't see why we couldn't just share the area and what I actually said was (in a very irritated, how-dare-you-tell-us-to-leave kind of tone), "We're not even in the way. Why can't we just sit here out of the way and let the kids play for a little bit. Its not going to hurt anything." To which, she started to get irritated and tell me that she was in the right and we were wrong... That's where I woke up. I have to admit that I was so ashamed of myself! I totally knew in the dream that it was a dream and I could make the right choice, but I intentionally responded in a truly unkind and unloving way! Yikes! That just goes to show that what is in your heart at times will even manifest itself in a dream! Anyway, I immediately told God that I was sorry for the ugliness in my heart and asked him to clean that mess right out of me! I wanted to share all this because normally I don't remember my dreams and this one was a doozy in its own way and God used it to reveal something that was lurking in my heart. Cool, huh?


Mzzterry said...

Funny you should share this. I woke up the other day very mad at my hubby. I was dreaming he was yelling at me telling me to get out of bed. (my hubby has never once yelled at me) When I got up I questioned him about it and he said he had not said anything at all, he was out in the laundry room! I thought about it and realized I had been dreaming, but I was feeling really offended and upset!

I can do the same thing about changing my dreams, it was a trick I learned for nightmares as a child. It really works.

Octamom said...

You are so sweet to even strive for a better walk while sleeping--Spiritual Sleep Walking! Hee!