Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's going on...

I thought I'd give a bit of an update as to how things are progressing in this here family of ours.:)

First of all, we are all doing well.  We are all struggling with the abundance of mucus that allergies cause, but I have to say "Thank you, Jesus!" for Mucinex!  I am not able to take it, of course, but Sam and the kids are.  I am able to take Flonase and use saline nasal spray and so do Sam and Braden.  Woo-hoo Flonase!  Zekey won't be able to partake of that until he is 2, but he does get a healthy squeeze of Little Noses saline spray.  

The boys are really enjoying the abundance of room to play, both inside and out.  There is a vacant concrete pad right next to the mobile home we are staying in and their toys are strewn all over the place!  I'm really glad they have that area to play in.  We are trying to get back into some sort of routine with naps and homeschooling and daycare, but it is difficult at this point because Sam got moved on Post to work and his motorcycle needs to have a couple of things done to it in order to pass muster.  It'll work out, though.:)  Anyway, because of that, he drives the van most days.  Some days he comes home at lunch to leave me the van, but its a race against the clock to get the kiddos in the car and get him back to work in time.  You do what you gotta do...  They are both growing like crazy, too.  I am convinced that Braden changed noticeably during the time he was at my mom's.  How crazy is that?!  It was only 3 days! He's gotten so tall and lanky.  Plus, his face seemed to have lost some more of its baby-ness.  :(  Yep, he's growing up, but not too fast. :)  Zekey is huge as ever.  He's in 2T and they fit him.  Yeah, he won't be 2 until June and I'm pretty sure we'll be putting him in 3T by then.  He's just a very big boy!  He's also having to endure the pains of getting older.  He wants to do everything Braden does and most of the time its okay, but sometimes, he's just not allowed and boy does that not sit well with him!  That has been a very interesting thing to observe and have to "deal" with in having two kids versus just one.  Three should be even MORE interesting!

Sam is doing okay.  He's had some brief reprieves from the crazy work schedule he's on, but working the 3 weeks of solid 12's when we first got here wore him down quite a bit and nothing short of several days in a row off will get him back to his normal energy level.  I think it will happen soon.  He's still on 6/12's with Sunday being an 8-hr day, but he's been requesting that day off so we can all go to church together and spend the rest of the day just hanging out in each other's company and so far, it has been approved.  That's totally God and we are thankful!  We're supposed to be going to East Texas to visit either this weekend or next to see everyone and also to get some of the baby stuff out of storage.  I think that will be a nice "vacation" for him as well as the rest of us.  Right now, he is resting in the Lord and just being grateful for the provision of it all.  He's also being stretched and refined, which though sometimes painful, always ends up being a blessing in the end.

I had a mid-wife appointment last week and my next one is next week.  So far, so good.  It looks like I finally put on some weight, but exactly how much is hard to tell because my clothing was heavier, plus the water weight thing.  Anyway, I'll weigh again this next week and see if it was a fluke or not.  This baby is definitely growing, though, let me tell ya!  I'm starting to get to the really uncomfortable stage.  I hope it doesn't rear its ugly head until much closer to the end of next month, though.  I don't like being in that stage because then all I want is to go ahead and have the baby and I get impatient!  I guess that's how God gets us past the being-scared-of-giving-birth portion of the pregnancy.... He moves us into the I-don't-care-if-it-hurts-I-just-want-this-baby-out stage! :p  I'm getting more and more easily tired and have to watch how much I do at one time, but I'm still trying to be as active as possible within those bounds.  

We still don't have a middle name for a boy, so I guess I should redouble my efforts in that arena.  

I've been having a good time finding deals on some of the things in my list of maternity/nursing favorites.  I found another interesting nursing "gadget" that I will update in my list.  I'm waiting to see if I win that auction.  There are still a few more days left for that.  I did, however, get another set of breast soothers for quite a bit less than half of the normal cost.  Now I have two sets.  I also got a KCK one-size all in one diaper.  I wanted to have an example of how its actually supposed to look when its finished, for when I get my kit and sew my own.  I'm also going to make my own wipes, as well.  We are just going to try out the all natural methods for right now and see how it goes because, in all honesty, we don't know that it will work if/when we move back into the motor home.  The instructions for washing cloth diapers and wipes involves several specific cycles on the washing machine and most laundromat machines aren't that specific.  We'll see what God provides and go from there.  I'm still going to try it all out because at some point we won't be in the rv anymore and using reusable diapers and wipes will end up saving us money in the long run.  Plus, we don't know how many children God will end up blessing us with, so there you go.:)

There are several things that God provided for us lately, that we chose to ask God for first and wait on His timing instead of just going out and buying it or trying to make it happen, but I will share that in another post.  I think that will be all for now

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