Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Braden is 5!

Our sweet Braden boy-o is five years old today!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone by...

Dear Sweet Braden,
We love you so much!  You are such a big, strong boy and so much fun to watch grow and be around.  We love the heart that God has given you and the way you bless others and love your family.  You are so amazing!  Everyday you learn something new and I am in awe that God gave you to us to guide, train and raise.  We are so blessed to be your parents and we are honored to be along with you on your journey in life.


Mommy and Daddy!!

Dear Heavenly Father, 
Thank you so much for giving us the stewardship of this precious boy!  Thank you for the sweetness that you have placed in him and the desire in his heart to know You.  We pray that you continue to draw his little heart closer to you and that he will desire to walk in the path that you have prepared for him.  May he desire to know you more and more each day and to run after you, Lord, alway keeping his eyes on you.  May he desire to be used for Your purposes to further Your kingdom.  Father, please give him an eternal view and keep the world in perspective for him so that nothing this world offers has any appeal.  Father, please fill him with Your Holy Spirit so that he will have revelation, comfort, peace that passes understanding and guidance.  Show Him how to bless Your heart.  May the things that break Your heart, break his and the things that make Your heart glad, gladden his also.  We ask that You would bless him and encourage him, protect him and give him courage.  Please, keep him in Your loving arms.  We know that he is Yours and that You love him so much more than we can fathom.  Please, show us how to raise him in Your ways and to be good stewards of the blessing You have entrusted to us.  Praise You, precious Father!  In Jesus' wonderful, holy name, Amen!

Happy Birthday, Braden!!!!!!!

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