Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids, kids, kids


Braden has gotten so big!  When he went to the doctor a few weeks ago he weighed 39 pounds and was __inches tall.  Amazing.  He'll be five in a couple of weeks on the 27th.  FIVE!  We are going to have a five-year old.  Where did the time go?  He's such an amazing big boy.  He wants to help with everything.  I have to remind  myself to let take the time to train him now and have patience and grace for him to learn.  I certainly don't want to dissuade him from wanting to help, that's for sure!  He especially likes to help me cook.  I thinks he's going to be a way better cook than me eventually.  Maybe even a chef of sorts.  Maybe he'll be cooking all the meals someday? ;D  Wouldn't that be nice?!  OH, YEAH!  (Nah, I like to experiment and I'm envisioning a family cooking together as the kiddos get older.)


Wow!  He's such an interesting little person.  He is now sleeping in a big bed.  He will willingly get into it both for naps and at night and stay there til he wakes up.  Nice.  He's also talking in complete sentences now, although sometimes I still don't know exactly what he's saying.  After a couple of times repeating it, I usually end up understanding.  He's also such a sweety and wants to give hugs, get hugs and pet his sister.  Love it.  He' s also gonna be two soon.  Seriously, time is just ticking right on by, isn't it?!


She is getting bigger by the minute.  She smiles sooo much and is really a very sweet tempered and layed back little joy of a girl.  She loves it when the boys sit and talk to her.  She even enjoys all the ruckus of them running around screaming and yelling and making large messes.  I'm pretty sure she is thinking, "Just wait until I'm big enough and I'll help with those messes!  Oh, yeah!"

We are truly, truly blessed by our kids.

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