Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, I finally got the phone I wanted off of ebay.  The first one, a blackberry, didn't pan out, so it got sent back.  Then, I was outbid several times before I finally got the one I wanted.
So, now I'm waiting on it to get to me.  Yay!  I'll have to let you know how it turns out.

Right now Braden is staying with his godparents, Nina and Padrino, and he's having a great time.  Man, I miss him when he is not here.  It feels like our home is empty.  Its definitely more quiet. ;p  Its nice to have Zekey here without Braden because we get to see him really be himself.  He talks a lot more and he's just a very chilled out kiddo.  Such a different personality from Braden.  Anyway, Braden is having a good ole time having his Nina and Padrino all to himself and we are enjoying this time with Zekey.

Zekey has also had to be on a nebulizer of late.  Here's a picture.
 Braden started out reading to him to occupy him for the time he had to have the mask on.  Now, Zekey starts the machine, wears the mask the whole time just fine although he still has his passy in his mouth and shuts it off when its done.

Ailey Grace is getting big!  The boys dote on her.  Its so sweet to see them interacting with her.  She has the most beautiful smile, too.  She's also gotten to the point of preferring to be in the moby wrap when she gets tired/sleepy. I'm attempting to get her used to sleeping on her tummy on the pallet agaain. It might take a few days.  She also loathes being in her car seat anywhere under 55 mph!  Hahaha...  That kiddo!  She's such a sweetie and such a good baby!  I did finally break down and give her a pacifier at around 8 weeks.  She was wanting to suck after she had gotten full and in the process was eating so much that her tummy was hurting and she was spitting up more.  I was so upset because I had determined that I was not going to give her a passy that when I did, I cried off and on for two days.  As soon as I put it in her mouth, she calmed right down and went to sleep.  I called my mom about it and she made me feel so much better about it.  She said she is glad Ailey is getting the oral stimulation.  So far all of my kids have needed that, so I really shouldn't have had such an issue.  I think the part that made me so sad was that I was no longer providing that comfort for her.  It was very similar to the feeling of grief I had when I stopped nursing both Braden and Zekey.  Oh, to be a mommy! :)

We also got a cheap, little hand vacuum for the incredible amount of crumbs and general mess that is made during the day and boy, is it nice!!!  Instead of trying to get out the little hand broom or the huge vacuum, I just zip around with the little hand vac.  Fabulous!  Plus, both the boys want to use it and I am more than willing to let them.  Oh, yeah!

This weekend we are all supposed to go to East Texas for a get together, but it looks as though Sam is gonna have to work Saturday.  Yep, threw a wrench in those plans, but I think I'm still gonna go.  I'm not looking forward to that drive, but the boys' birthdays are at the end of this month and beginning of next month and I wanted them to have a birthday party before we possibly get shipped out to Minnesota.  Yep.  That's the rumor so far as we have heard.  We just haven't gotten formal notification, yet.  We'll see what comes of it all.  We've never been to Minnesota, so it would be interesting.  We still don't know where God wants to plant us, but we are praying a lot and trying to be patient and wait and listen for Him to tell us. He will.  He is ALWAYS faithful!

We've transitioned into the rv pretty well.  We got the mobile home all cleaned up and checked out and then we decided to try out another rv park out in the country.  Its not too bad, but it is more strict and not nearly so kid-friendly.  Its also a bit of a drive for Sam to get to work.  BUT, it is cheaper and internet service is provided via wi-fi, so we were able to cut our living expenses down a bit.

We also find ourselves in a bit of a pickle.  Sam's company got outbid for the contract he's been working on, so another company took it over and just hired all the employees already working on it.  Well, this of course meant that Sam's vacation and benefits started all over again.  We decided not to take the insurance for me and the kids for several reasons and decided to get our own policy instead.  Well, that's turned out more difficult than expected.  Anyway, we are praying about what to do about it. I know God Has this covered, so we wait on Him. :)

There's more, but I'm having to type this one-handed and am ready to stop for now...

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