Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It'll be funny someday...

For the past week and some days, we've been moving back into our newly repaired rv.  A couple of days ago, I brought in the last of the stuff from the bathroom which included a super-sized bottle of kid shampoo.  Sam was taking a nap with Ailey Grace in the motor home, Braden was outside playing and Zekey was watching a movie and messing about in general in the motor home.  I went back for another load and was getting it all together when Braden came running into the mobile home saying that zekey got shampoo all over the place.  Well, I went running and upon entering the motor home saw that Zekey had managed to create a huge soapy spot in the middle of the carpet, to get it all over his hands, arms and face and apparently he decided that my phone needed a shampoo.  Yeah....  My first reaction was one of overwhelming emotional swelling, followed closely by an outburst of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo........!"  Then, I managed a "Zekey, what are you doing?!"  And then, I broke into tears.  Yep, it was either that or go outside and throw a temper tantrum.  I had continuously been cleaning up messes, not to mention trying to move stuff back and forth and organizing it all in the process.  Sooooooo, when I came upon that particular scene....I got a bit frustrated!!!  We were trying to decide if we wanted to shampoo the carpets in the mobile home ourselves and Sam said that if we went ahead and rented a shampooer, we could go ahead and clean the rv's carpets, too.  Yep, it worked out just fine.  I thought that it would be an ordeal to clean the carpets ourselves and it totally wasn't.  As a matter of fact, we'll be renting the shampooer more often to clean our rv's carpets.  They can get soooooo stinkin' dirty with two boys running in and out! :)  Anyway, the result of my phone getting a shampoo is that it like to wig out now.  It will turn itself off and on and dial numbers by itself.  I have to use the speaker phone and not touch it if I want to talk to anyone and though the keys work well enough for texting, I have to be careful not to push too many at once or push them too hard or I'll lose the whole message.  Yay! (sorry, can't keep the sarcasm out ;)  I have been needing a new battery for quite some time, but just didn't get around to it and our contract is almost up so we decided we should go ahead and get new phones.  I got on the internet to see what was available.  (Both Sam and I want a phone with a keyboard since we text each other so much.  I want one with a camera as well.  Sam.... not so much. )  What I really, REALLY want is an iPhone, but , NOOOOOO, Apple is in an exclusive contract with AT&T!  Okay, I won't rant about that...:p  Anyway, I ended up thinking a Blackberry Curve would suit just fine.  Well, when I called, the guy told us that if we wait a month and a few days, we'll get the best deal possible. By renewing our contract, we'll get those really good deals on new phones.  I thought, "Okay, so I need to look for a loaner/cheapy phone until then.  I turned to my trusty friend, ebay, for just such a thing. Guess what I won.  Yep, a Blackberry.  
Granted, its not a Curve and its one that got returned in a lot to the retailer, but it'll do.  I haven't gotten it yet, so we'll see if its all I hoped it would be.  I also found that there is an interesting little phone that is apparently an iPhone clone (one of several clones).  If I'm not mistaken, it is actually made for/by the Apple people.  I really want one.  Here's what it looks like.
 I'm trying to win one for a price I'm willing to pay on ebay.  We'll see if that actually happens.  Isn't it cute?

I'll give an update on the kids soon.  We are in a different rv park out in the country to see if it will suit us better.  Plus, its cheaper.  

We also got a call and lots of emails from several friends in Mississippi urging us to apply for a couple of jobs that became available.  (Let me tell you, do we feel loved and wanted!!!! :)  Since Sam was at work, I emailed his resume to the appropriate peeps.  Now, we are waiting and praying.  We want to go where God wants us.  We want to live where He wants us to live.  We want Sam to have the job God has prepared for him.  If Mississippi is the place where all that comes together, then bring it on!!!  If its not, then we want to be submissive and be okay with that, too.:)                      

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