Friday, May 29, 2009

A little something exciting

So, I wanted to let everyone know that Braden is reading.  Yeah, not kidding...  We haven't been working on it really.  Only every now and then pulling out the hooked on phonics letters and sounds cds.  Then, this past weekend when we were home for a visit, I was telling my mom how I felt like I was letting Braden down by not working with him more on the reading stuff.  I just wasn't able to get it all together.  (Still trying to find my I-have-three-children-now groove;)  Anyway, she said that at this point, I could just be reading him very simple stories (we have lots of those thanks to fabulous Meemaw--thanks Meemaw!!) and have him sound out the words with me.  Well, yesterday, I had some extra energy and time and got some of the little books out and started sounding out the words with him and he just basically took off!  I was so stinkin' excited!!! We read through two of the books several times in a row and Braden was so proud to be able to read the books.  It was AMAZING.  He kept saying how well he was reading.  Anyway, I am so grateful that God made him the way he is.  He's really a very bright big boy and he catches on to things so quickly that he basically learns things himself with me alongside just having to show him one time or giving him a boost here and there.  Thank you, Father!!  Isn't it amazing what God blesses us with?!  I'm in awe....

I also wanted to say that ever since we took Zekes out of his play pen, he's had no trouble sleeping in his big bed.  We first put the mat from the play pen on the floor with his pillow and blanket and he slept on that for a few days before we moved back into the rv completely.  We wanted to transition him to sleeping on the bottom bunk.  Then, my mom came to stay with us and help out while we were trying to get back into the rv and she hosted a little sleepover in the rv with Braden, Zekers and their cousin Jacob.  They all slept in the queen bed in the back bedroom.  Apparently, they all managed to go to sleep and stay in the bed all night long!  Even Zekers!!  So exciting.  Anyway, since we've been in the rv, he's had no problem at all sleeping in his new big bed.  You know timing is really everything and its different with each kid.  I just have to remember that.  So, the next step will be potty training, but I'm gonna watch him for my queue for that.  When he's ready, I'll be waiting. :)

Sort of on the same subject - cloth diapers.  (Rachel, I know you've been waiting for this! hahaha!)  Yep, Ailey finally got big enough to wear the cloth diapers.  I put them on her for two days and a night to see how they'd work out. Welllllllll, as far as leakage performance, they are really great.  No leaks and I changed both pees and poos.  Alas, I can't put her in them anymore at this time.  She got a rash.  A rash!!!  From CLOTH DIAPERS!!!  I really thought it was supposed to keep babies from getting so many rashes!  No, I think what ended up happening was, it got hot and the diapers kept moisture close to her skin and just didn't let enough air in.  SO.... I've decided I'm going to wait a bit until she's olderish - a couple of months - and try them again.  If they don't work, I may sell them to someone who has better success with cloth diapering than I do.  At any rate, I really enjoyed making them. :p

And last but not least, we are going to be traveling to Minnesota next.  It wasn't what we had originally expected and many things have happened in a short amount of time, but God is totally providing for us.  He's also really stretching us and growing us in amazing ways.  So, if you happen to be thinking about us, we are going to be traveling for the next few days and I'll be able to post again when we get set up at the next rv park.  We are going to be able to stop by our friends new house in Norman, OK and meet their newly arrived little girl and they'll get to meet ours. (Holla, Kristina and Matt!)  We are really excited to be able to see them again.  Its been quite a while.

Okay, I'm going to turn in now, but I'll be back!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

hey - do you ever get into the I have 3 kids groove? this is rough- i gotta get of the drug too blagh