Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice weather we're having..

It is sooooo nice today. Its overcast and its a breezy 69 degrees. I think I smell fall coming! Spring and fall are my favorite times of year. The leaves change color, it gets cooler, you can break out the hot chocolate and your longsleeves. Aaaaaah, then there's the food...warm soups and stews and yumminess and, of course, there's Thanksgiving! Love it....I've got to start getting my recipes ready....time for pumpkin bread again. I'm also looking forward to seeing what recipes pop up on some of my favorite blogs. I have one for cranberry bars....oh, yeah! Who knows, maybe we'll get snow for Christmas? Hey, I can hope can't I?! I've already started my Christmas shopping. I intend to be done before October is over. We'll see how far I get.:)

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