Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A succession of busy little nothings

We have been so super busy lately! Its been a little crazy. We had a lot going on last week because I was in charge of bringing dessert to a little farewell party at our pastor friend's house on Saturday. I ended up making 4 desserts - 2 chocolate pies, one lemon chess pie, a lemon-blueberry cream cheese pound cake and an allergen free chocolate-zucchini cake. Yeah, and as I'm writing this, I just realized that I didn't take any pics! What is up?!?!?! Okay, gonna try for the pics next time. Goodness!:) Okay, here are a few updates because I've been a bad blogger lately.

Ailey Grace - almost crawling! She's got the Army crawl down where she pulls herself where she wants to go with elbows and forearms while giving herself a little push with a foot or two. She's also very nosey. She is so curious about EVERYTHING. She is such fun and the boys love her and she gets right in there with all the toys and playing. I love to watch it all.

Zekey - lots more communication. He is repeating everything we all say to him. Its really funny when he and Braden are playing because he says it all back to him like he's reciting a poem or something. He's also been responding with a very enthusiastic "Yeah!" anytime we ask him if he wants something or wants to go somewhere. So stinkin' cute! Another pretty funny thing is whenever I ask him to take something back to the bathroom, later when I go look to make sure it made it in there, it is in the shower....toothbrush, steppy stool, towel... I'm just glad its not in the potty. ;p He is also trying to be a big boy and every time we change his diaper or Braden has to go potty, Zekey announces that he has to go tee-tee! So, we get his diaper off, his shirt too because its a two-fer affair, and off he goes to the bathroom. He pulls the steppy stool in front of the potty, lifts both lids and stands there attempting to aim in the bowl. Nothing is actually coming out as of yet, but its funny to watch and it just means he's taking the next step in potty training. Nice.

Braden - busy bee. He is so imaginative and will make all kinds of things out of, well, all kinds of things. He's one of those kids that makes you ponder the purpose of even bothering to buy actual toys at the store because he either makes his own outta junk or uses his current cache of toys for entirely different purposes than they were meant. He's also doing really well with the Hooked on Phonics. He's read through the first story and gotten his first star sticker on his reading chart and boy is he wanting to get another one. We were trying to review and go on to the next step all in the same 30-40 mins, but I've backed off to about 15 mins at a time because his attention gets otherwise occupado if we try to go for too long at a time. I ordered the My Father's World curriculum for him and I'm very excited about it. I looked at it and A Beka. While A Beka is no doubt more extensive than MFW, it is also waaaaaay more expensive and to be honest, I don't really think we need super in-depth at the Kindergarten stage. MFW is a complete curriculum and the thing that I am really excited about is it is subject based talking about the Bible and all the curriculum centers around that. Its what I was trying to do in the first place. Anyway, I'll have to report once we get started on it. We will continue with Hooked on Phonics because we've already started it and any reading stuff in MFW will be review at this point. I like that. Here's the link if you are interested in perusing.....:) Oh, and I had Sam's mom look it over to tell me what she thinks and she said it looks very complete. (My mom, an Occupational Therapist, is the one who told me about it and Sam's mom is a Kindergarten teacher with her Master's in Childhood Development, so I'm very grateful for both of their imput! Thanks, Mom and Meemaw!)

Sam - is doing great. He's having a wonderful time getting more involved in church and seeing how God is working His will for us. He is currently working some over time, which looks like God's way of providing a little extra fundage. Yay, Provision! He's had a really good time going through his "One-year The Message Bible" and listening to Randy Alcorn's "Heaven" on cd turned MP3 for his iPod. We had a bit of a shopping spree at Mardel's when we were in East Texas a few weeks ago. :)

Me - well, I'm enjoying my job. I feel like I am finally back up to speed with keeping up with kids, house and activities. Still trying to work out my eating habits and drop some poundage, but that will come and if I fail one day, I close the fridge the next day. Hahahaha! Anyway, we've been going for walks every evening, but got off that schedule the past 4-5 days because its been raining. Also, we've had a busy social calendar and end up coming home after dark some days. I'm looking forward to getting back on track there. It gets me outta the house and makes me feel better. Love it! I'm also having a good time eBaying. Its been totally God-blessed, though, and I only want to sell things on eBay as long as it is fun, doesn't take up too much time, my heart is right about it (as in I don't start getting obsessive about it....I did that as a Pampered Chef consultant several years ago and I don't wanna go there again!;) and most of all as long as God still gives me favor and its within His will for me and Sam is fine with it. Wanna stay under his authoritative covering, ya know.

And so ends yet another frequency challenged post by yours truly.

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queen of everything said...

glad you're getting back in the swing of things. i pray that God continues to bless you and your family.