Sunday, September 20, 2009

No, pigs are not flying...

And the hot place hasn't frozen over, but its official....Friday night Sam and I went...wait for it, wait for it...BALLROOM DANCING!!! I'm in no way kidding, joking or otherwise making a funny. We really did. I had been thinking for a bit now that it would be nice to get back into ballroom dancing. Get some exercise, have a bit of a challenge in that arena and have fun. I kept coming to the place of "should I", though and had many conversations with God about it. I ended up with the perspective of "I want to do NOTHING that isn't in God's will for me." So, I said that I didn't want to do it if He wasn't okay with it and also if Sam wasn't okay with it. Anyway, God totally worked it out. When I called the ballroom place to get more info and told her a little bit about my goals...(I used to want to train for competition and also to learn both the man's and woman's part so I could teach, but since having kids and a very full life right now, I just want to have fun in an exercise setting of sorts and see if I can remember all the stuff I learned.)...she said that it just so happened that Friday night was guest night and it was free for us to come and have a sample dance lesson, have the opportunity to purchase a package deal for a very low price and just see how they operate. Well, I was super excited and she suggested that Sam and I come. Well, I told her I didn't know if Sam would go. He told me many years ago that someday he would be willing to go with me and see what all the fuss was about, but it hadn't gotten to that point as of yet. She said she would put us on the list and for me to let her know if it was going to work out. Well, I asked Sam if he would and lo and behold he said "Yes." Willingly! I know, right!?!?! Then, I called the girl that has been babysitting for us to see if she was available and she said she was. All this totally at the last minute. Love it! Then, we had to try and make it all work. We had a meeting at 4pm that lasted past 5:15 and then we had to get something to eat, since I wouldn't be able to fix dinner and still have the boys to the babysitter's on time. Then, on we went to drop the boys off and then swing back by the house to get changed and get my ballroom shoes that I bought in Hawaii and hadn't yet used. Oh, yeah. We were supposed to show up at around 6:45, but strolled in at about 7:30 instead. The ballroom is about 30 mins+ from where we live, but I was determined not to let this opportunity pass us by, late or not! We really weren't all that late because they had just started their demonstration when we arrived. We got settled at a table and were shown several dances by the owners of the ballroom. Then came the most interesting part. We had to bring Ailey Grace with us since she is still nursing and all and we had hoped she would sit in her car seat for a while, but no. Since I had already run all this by the lady who runs the place, she offered to hold Ailey while we danced. Apparently there was no shortage of baby holders willingly waiting their turn while we took our lesson and it went very well. Sam did a fabulous job! The instructor taught the basic steps to five different dances and Sam hung in there. I had a good time, too. It was a review for me, but being able to dance with Sam was marvelous. The funny thing was, instead of being so uncomfortable and frazzled that he didn't want to come back again like I thought he would be, he agreed to the package deal and is now determined to learn some dances! Isn't that awesome?!?! Thanks, Father God!:) So, now we are going to have a private lesson with an instructor on Sunday and then we'll have a group lesson and then a Friday night dance. They also offer Monday night classes here in town so we won't have to drive so far and our friends have agreed to watch the kiddos for us every other Monday so we can go! Wow!!! All I have to say is, I'm so glad I gave my desire and attitude for this to God and let Him say yay or nay and coordinate it in His way instead of me trying to push and pull and arrange and head-butt until I did it in my own strength. Yep. Now, I'm working on getting Sam some ballroom shoes. He mentioned it first and everything! I looked some up and he picked out a pair. I'm also getting another pair for practice. Very exciting stuff, I tell ya! Okay, I'll stop gushing now.:)

In other news.... Braden has taken to falling over on his bicycle lately and today was a doozy! He fell over and landed on the back of his head, started screaming as is usual and I didn't honestly know what was going on until Sam turned the back of his head toward me and asked for something to stop the bleeding! I was in shock for a few seconds and then got some towels. It wasn't bad. It did bleed a good bit, but head wounds usually do even if they aren't bad and that was the case with this one. He has a lovely bump accompanied by a bruise with a tiny "hole" where an obliging rock took a wee bit of skin out of its way. The cleanup and doctoring were more traumatic for Sam and I than him, I think. I don't believe our hearing is going to recover from the dramatic screaming it endured. Peroxide was involved....need I say more? The atmosphere changed when neosporin came upon the scene and after the application of said salve, he resumed life sort of as normal. The motrin helped, too, I think. ;p Anyway, we had a long and involved discussion of how we were going to prevent any kind of oozing aftermath from getting on his pillow and sheets and ended in deciding to lay down towels in the hopes that he would move as little as possible. Yeah, we'll see what comes of that in the morning.

There was one interesting side affect from all of this. Zekey, who is normally very calm when he gets hurt, was fake screaming and crying when he fell down or bumped into anything after that. I think he wanted the attention that Braden was getting. We had a good tickle, hug, kissies and snuggle session, so I think he may go back to his laid back self. Well, one can hope, right? Sam and I are still trying to figure out how to get Braden to cope better. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....!:)

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