Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Affinity for poo - Not for Rachel's eyes!;p

I successfully went through two boys without any major poo-ations. We had the occasional diaper breech, potty miss and the occasional exploratory finger in the #2 area to see what just happened back there, but for the most part I gratefully did not have to deal with poo coloring/smearing/splattering with my boys.

Why, oh, why then does my sweet, precious, very girly girl have an affinity for poo?! The other day, when quite a bit of other issues were taking place simultaneously, my dear, angelic Lerloo decided to dabble in a bit of poo art. I wrote a little post about it on Facebook, but thought that it was worth repeating here, too:

God is totally stretching me in the area of how I respond to my kids. God allowed me to see that all the huffing, puffing, sighing and saying things like, "I'm never gonna get this done!" that my kids are saying...well, I'm the thoughtless person who taught them that. Hooray! So, now I'm super conscious of how I respond to them. For example:

Today, Ailey got sand and water mix dumped on her from the top of her head down, thanks to her big brother Zekey. So, I got her in the tub and rinsed her off. (She had two showers yesterday.) Then, as I was letting her bum dry off and letting her run around neked for a few minutes, I got distracted by a phone call from my dad reminding me that its his birthday today! Oops! Happy Birthday, Dad! Then, as I'm talking to Dad, Braden comes running in telling me Ailey has pooped on the rug in their room. Sorry, Dad, emergency! Get to their room and get the rug off of the floor and then hear Ailey screaming from the bathroom. She has climbed up into the sink again and can't get down. So, Dad gets to talk to Braden for a bit. I get into the bathroom and find a trail of poo. Yeah. At first, I was just gonna clean her bottom and put her diaper on, but then I noticed that she had managed to smear the poo all over her, too. Yay! So, back in the shower for a complete wash-down. Sorry again, Dad. LOTS of poo! Happy Birthday, Daddy!:) That is just a minute portion of the way my days have been going for, oh about the last 4 days. I'm tellin' ya, God is going to break me of my bad reactions and to tell the truth, I'm grateful!!! Glory to You, Lord!!!:)

So there you have it folks! And, just for fun, I put her in her cutie tutu the other day and put her headband on which she promptly tried to take off and put her in front of the mirror so that she could see herself all decked out. I was telling her, "Pretty girl!" and she stopped right in the middle of taking the headband off and started cooing with delight at the whole situation. She kept the headband on even though she still messed with it and I had to help her put it back on. At least now she WANTS to wear the headband. Yay! This could open up all new accessorizing possibilities! Oh, and Braden made her the pretty necklace which she really likes to wear.:) Who knew girls could learn to preen so young?! That right there proves to me that it is built right in from the beginning!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

I think taters wasn't in the preening line when she was made:)