Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Best Realtor EVER!!!

I feel terrible that I haven't done this before now! I have to tell everyone here in blog-land about the most fantastic realtor anyone could possibly ever find. Her name is Cher and she's just amazing. Let me just give you the down-low on what she had to deal with concerning us and I think you will agree that she went WAY above and beyond what most realtors do.

First of all, we were looking in the $50,000-$65,000 price range. We did NOT want a fixer upper. We wanted to be able to move right in and be able to live in it with little or no repairs. We were using my VA Loan approval and they are VERY picky, so she had to deal with that, too. They have so many restrictions it would make your head spin. For the most part, houses in the price range we were wanting are major fixer uppers and usually foreclosures which have a tons of repairs needed, which the VA stipulated have to be done BEFORE closing, which usually the bank that owns the foreclosed property won't allow. Yeah, so now you are starting to see, right? Okay, so Cher showed us close to 30 houses, could've been more, I can't even remember any more, it was so many! She didn't get any money up front, only when we closed. She explained in great detail the whole stinkin' process in and out. We were newbies and didn't really know what was going on at first. She was super tenacious and was sending us any listing that looked like it might be a possibility and then any of the ones we decided were worth looking at she would show us. She also worked with us on our schedule as she was able and was so understanding about our kids and fussiness and eating times and nap times....She's worth her weight in gold, I tell ya! I'm not going to bore you with the crazy details and ins and outs of our 3 failed contracts and how she never got deterred or slowed in any way by that or how she kept on with the same zeal throughout the entire time or how she just pretty much became part of our family.... I won't bore you with all those details, no, I'll just tell you a bit more about her as a realtor.

She knows her stuff, people! Here is her info:

“Always There For You"

Cher Hislop, Realtor®


Top Gun Graduate

(254) 654-0090

ERA Colonial Real Estate

777 Indian Trail

Harker Heights, TX 76548

(254) 698-4300, Ext. 150

(254) 698-4498

You see all those acronyms under her name? Those are all the certifications and designations she has and here is what they stand for:

ERS- Relocation Specialist (can network with Realtors nationally and
internationally to assist buyers & sellers around the world)
ABR- Accredited Buyer's Agent (extensive training to assist buyers in the
process of purchasing their dream home)
Military Trained & Certified- (I need to change to this since I can work
with ALL military mortgage companies not just USAA)
GRI- Graduate Realtor Institute (Less than 10% of Texas Association of
Realtors 90,000 members have earned their GRI!!)
RCC- Residential Construction Certified (extensive training to deal
specifically with new home construction)
NAR- National Association of Realtors (not every Realtor belongs to this
elite group!)
Top Gun Graduate (an exclusive ERA training course which deals with sellers
and listing properties)
Seller's Security Plan and Buyer's Security Plan are also exclusive ERA
training courses as well.

She goes out of her way to stay current and knowledgeable about her business. She works crazy-hard for her clients and all in heels! Now that is talent!:) She's very personable and honest and she makes finding a home a non-dreary task. She's also so NOT a snob when it comes to price range. We've run into that before. We told a couple of realtors our price range and they all but laughed in our faces. Yep. Cher is not like that at all! She puts the same energy and enthusiasm into finding a $60,000 house as she does a $260,000 house. She has an amazing work ethic!

She also helps out with rentals if you are not looking to buy. Another service she provides is placing you with a realtor out of state if you are moving out of Texas. She very much cares for her clients!

So, I highly recommend her (if you haven't already figured that out;) and encourage you to give her a call.

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