Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zekey is 3!!!

Oh, Zekey, what a joy you are! You have such a tender and caring heart and you have such a strong desire to please! We pray that you would direct that to the Lord in all that you do! You are such a fun and creative boy and we love to watch you learn and grow. You bring your own unique qualities to help make this family a family and we can't imagine our lives without you. You have such sweet prayers and its a blessing to hear your heart. We love how you love to sit with us and just talk and tell us all about the things around you. We love to see what you come up with when you build with your blocks. Its such a pleasure being your parents!

Lord, thank You for such a special blessing. Thank You for entrusting him to our care. Please, draw his heart ever closer to Yours and keep him near You. Please, give Him your wisdom and understanding and may he lean on You and rest in Your strength. Please, fill him up continuously with Your joy and show him how to make You Lord of his life. Show him how to be open to You always and to seek You on every decision, big or small. Lord, please use this sweet-hearted boy to further Your kingdom. May he be a beacon of light for You in this very dark world! Please, help us to teach him and guide him in Your ways so that when he is older, he will not depart from You, Lord! You are mighty, Lord! Please, bless our Zekey with Your strength, courage, encouragment, grace, mercy, righteousness, holiness, peace, joy, patience, Love, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, goodness and self-control. May he be like You! In Your precious and holy name! Amen.

Happy, happy birthday, Sweet Ezekeys!

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