Thursday, June 26, 2008

And we're off again!

 Yep, Sam is being sent to Arizona, so thither we will go!  (I really like that word!  Its really fun to say.;)  We are supposed to leave on Tuesday, but because of the holiday and the way they are scheduling Sam's travel days, we will have five days to get there.  That's really good.  We won't have to drive straight through.  I don't really know how its all going to work out yet, but it seems that there are really only two rv parks in Marana, so it will really depend on which one best meets our needs.  We also have to get a motorcycle carrier custom made for our motorhome hitch because we need to be able to hitch up our tow dolly to the other side of it.  Its gonna be a rush job.  One of the really great things about where we are going is Sam has relatives in Phoenix and Tuscan, so we'll get to visit, hopefully.  We'll also get to go sightseeing as well.  There may or may not be pictures for a while, since my camera has gone rogue, but I might be able to get some decent ones with my phone.  We'll see.   Anyway, just keeping everyone up to date.  Later.

Update on the update:  We are apparently going to Phoenix instead of Marana.  Guess the rv park search continues!

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queen of everything said...

wow, arizona. how exciting. can't wait to see pics. does it make me strange that i try to make words out of the word verification letters?