Saturday, June 28, 2008

Websites to Comparison Shop

I know I've already spoken several times about, but I would like to introduce another website resource for discounted books, music, movies, video games, etc.  Its called .  I've used this website for years because most of the movies I like to buy are BBC or A&E movies that are usually super expensive.  I've gotten such great deals on this website.  Recently they consolidated their website to include all sorts of stuff.  (They used to have one site for cds and another for dvds.)  Anyway, the reason I like this site so much is because not only do they usually have better deals than the stores, but shipping is free.  Yep, on anything you order from them.  FREE SHIPPING!!  Now, I will have to say that can still beat their prices at times if you are willing to look around a bit.  Their new and used section often has great prices and even with the $3.99 shipping and handling, its sometimes still cheaper.  Just thought I'd share that little bit 'o' info with you.  Lemme know what ya think.

Side note:  Thanks for all the great comments!  I enjoy feedback as previously stated.  I also love it when someone adds their own awesome suggestions.  Keep 'em coming!:)

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