Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy, busy week...

We've had a busy week and its only half way through.  Last weekend we went to Juan and Donna's (Nina and Padrino's) house and had a wonderful time with them.  Braden, again, had a hard time leaving.  They talked about him coming to stay with them by himself for a longer period of time.  I'm hoping there is opportunity for that.  We don't ever know because we never know how long we will stay in each place.  Then, Monday, Sam went to have one of his wisdom teeth pulled.  It all went well, but Sam said that the dentist had to do a lot of pulling and tugging and his tooth actually ended up breaking into several pieces.  The dentist got them all, though.  He did another x-ray to make sure.  Sam is supposed to go next Monday to get two others pulled.  Apparently one of them is not in need of being pulled.  He had a fun time keeping himself from drooling all over the place, but he said that though his mouth was sore, it didn't really hurt too much.  Then, yesterday (Tuesday) we took the boys for their well baby/kid visits.  They both had to get shots.  Yeah, that was NOT a fun time had by all!!!  Sam wound up holding Braden and I held Zekers.  There was a whole lot of screaming done by the one getting the shots and there was sympathy screaming done by the one not getting shots.  It was all right in the end.  They both did well.  We also ended up finding out that Zekey has an ear infection.  I think he's going to be the one with all the ear infections.  Braden just had his first one a couple of months ago.  Zekey has already had three.  Yikes!  I'll just have to keep an eye on him.  He does give clues, but they also indicate that he's teething, so yeah.  All was well in the end.  They both got ice cream coupons for Dairy Queen and that did make it better.  We were then able to go to Sam's Club and get some of our shopping done.  It was a long day though.  Today we have to go grocery shopping and that should last a while.  Tomorrow, I am finally getting my eyebrows waxed after about 8 years.  Seriously, I've not had them done in that long.  Every time I was going to do it, I couldn't justify spending the money on that when other things were needed.  I'm getting my hair cut as well.  I haven't had it cut for about 6 months.  My friend Sandy was the one who would normally cut it because she is super awesome, but alas she was called to San Francisco and I just can't make that drive!:)  Anyway, I found this full service salon here in Killeen called Shelley's Design Studio.  I spoke with Shelley who owns it and am looking forward to my appointments tomorrow!  (Just a little tidbit of information that has come from my experiences of having to find hairstylists due to our habit of moving so often:  I have found that the best way to find one is to interview the owner of the salon and tell them about your hair and needs and then have them recommend a stylist.  Trust me it is the best way to go unless you have an awesome recommendation from someone whom you absolutely trust. )  Moving on...  On Friday, we also have some errands to run.  Seriously, we've not been this busy for a long time.  Well, that's it for today.  Tomorrow, I will have a bit of new information for those who want to know, but I'm gonna make you wonder until then. :)

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