Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The birthday truck a.k.a. sibling rivalry

This truck is a birthday gift to Zekey from my mom. The original plan was to save it until the actual birthday, but it came about that it would be nice to open it before then. I thought Zekey could use it to help him get the hang of walking a bit better. Also, Braden has a bicycle outside to ride around on, but Zekes didn't have anything. It was a two-birds-with-one-stone sort of deal. Well, we got it out and wouldn't you know it, the problems started right away! Braden was trying to take it away from Zekey every chance he could and Zekey, even in his infancy, knew that that truck was specifically for him so he was having none of it! I really thought I was gonna pull my hair out! It took a good week to get them over the newness of it and being selfish and ugly with each other. Now, they both play on it, but its not that big of a deal. Also, when Braden got his roller blade "skaters" it helped. The swimming pool was another winner! Its something they both can play in TOGETHER. I just thought that this story was an interesting look at how even a not quite one-year-old is a little too smart and selfish for his own good and an almost four-year-old still can't play nicely with others when jealousy comes into play......yeah, sounds like the problems we as adults still deal with, huh? :)

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queen of everything said...

what sweet boys. my girls don't play well together when a new toy is introduced and they are 8 and 2. strangely i have more problems from the 8 than the 2.