Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camera Search

I mentioned in the last two posts that we are in search of a new camera.  Actually for school, I will need two.  One has to be a 35-mm SLR with the ability to change out lenses.  The other has to be a digital SLR, changeable lenses and at least 6 mega pixels.  The one that I was settled on until recently was the Canon EOS Digital Rebel xti.  It meets all the requirements for school, still has point and shoot capability and is a 10 mega pixel.  

Recently, however, I got to doing my internet research again and looked up the Canon 40D.  The thing I really liked about the Rebel that I can't yet get with the 40D is the package deal at Sam's Club.  The package comes with the body, two lenses, extra battery and camera bag.  Click here to see this deal.  The 40D has lots more features than the Rebel, however, and when Sam and I discussed it, we both decided that if we are going to spend the money on a camera, that it needs to last me a while.  So the Rebel is pretty much out of the current running right now.  You can click here  to see the specs for the 40D.  Now even though I am a Canon girl, I have been checking out the Nikon 300D.  Basically from what I can tell, this thing has the Canon 40D beat hands down.  The 40D does have a couple of features on it that are better than the 300D, but its not by much and in the overall scheme of things doesn't make a real difference.  Click here to see the Nikon 300D specs.  I found comparisons of them both and you can read them here and here. The biggest difference between the two is seriously the price.  The Nikon is close to double what the Canon is.  The lenses are more expensive as well as the camera body itself.  There are many accessories for them both, but again the Nikon is more expensive.  While I'm leaning more toward the Nikon, the price difference really stops me short.  In reality, the Canon 40D will meet all of my needs for all of my schooling and probably then some.  Now, if that Nikon drops in price/goes on sell/a wealthy benefactor decides to flat out give me one, I'm telling you, I'll jump at the chance!  My next course of action will be to go to a camera shop and play with them both while asking the people working there a million questions including their preferences, etc.  (They are usually professional photographers anyway and know what they are talking about.;)

Another huge part to this story is about me waiting for God's timing.... As in, I really wasn't even though I thought I was.  I'm the type that likes to be ultra-prepared if at all possible and that includes having all the equipment, books, whatever else I'm gonna need acquired and at the ready for when my first semester starts.  Well, we had the money available to buy the Rebel back in February, but a situation came up in which we needed to use a large part of that money.  I was okay with that because I knew we were supposed to be getting that stimulus check and that would more than fill in the gap.  I was expecting around the end of May/first of June to get it and be able to get my camera.  Again, something has come up.  We haven't had to spend any money, but there is a possibility that we might, so for now it would not be wise to spend that money on an expensive camera.  Honestly, I was not happy about this turn of events.  I wanted to get my camera now, so that there was no way I was going to have to defer to a different semester and all MY plans could proceed as planned!  Yeah, not the right attitude or heart condition.  This is an area that God constantly has to work on in me.  Its never the same situation, but boy is it the same ugly, flesh-centered, self-seeking selfishness!  Yuck!  Basically, God got my attention and made me really take a look at my motives here and I sure didn't like what I saw.  Yes, I do want to get a degree in Photography.  I have dreams of all the possibilities that entails, but when my dreams start horning in on God's plan for me and my family, that's when its time to let go!  I am registered to start in the fall, but I am now waiting on God to provide the right timing and the provision of the camera, books, rest of tuition, software and time to get my studies and projects done.  If it doesn't happen any time soon, I'm choosing to look at it in the light of God wanting something better for me later.  Case in point is the camera.  If I had had my way, I would already have had the Rebel.  While it would not have been a bad camera for me to have, it wouldn't have been the best one for me.  So I'm waiting.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep researching on the internet and I'm going to go handle those bad boys to see which one I really take to.  (The Nikon could have all the best doodads in the world, but if I don't like the way it handles or if its too heavy or a hundred other ifs, then it wouldn't be worth a hill of beans to me!)  Anyway, I'll keep you posted both on which camera it will be and God's continuing work in making me grateful for His ways and not mine.:)

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