Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Wow, we have had such an interesting move!  Everything was pretty normal leaving out of the Tempe/Phoenix area.  We actually made it almost to the New Mexico state line before we stopped the first night.  We found a rest stop and spent the night and then the next day we drove most of the day.  We were about 15-20 mins. outside of Fredericksburg when calamity struck!  We got to yet another construction area and had it out with one of those concrete safety barriers.  Yeah.  Basically, the whole bottom of the rv on the passenger side from the main door all the way back lost the battle with the barrier.  On top of that, we were towing our van and the tow dolly caught the barrier, too, and the wheel got shoved back and up into our passenger side door on the van.  Oh, yeah.  Now the passenger door on the van is locked into place.  The window still works, though. :)  We had to leave the tow dolly behind and had a fun time trying to find it through our insurance, but it has been located.  Also, we are going to have to put the motor home in the shop for an undetermined amount of time for all the repairs and we will probably have to do the same with the van.  We got to the RV park we normally park at when we are here and opted to rent a mobile home instead of a spot.  Basically, with everything that has happened we are really tired.  We are still trying to move all of our stuff out of the motor home.  We are so grateful, though, that we have this option.  The owner has let us park our rv right next to the mobile home until it goes into the shop.  Even in times of uncertainty God is totally providing and guiding!  Its not always the way I or Sam thinks its gonna go, but it all works out anyway and it will this time, too.  Sam is on 6/ 12's right now, so the financial end is still taken care of even though it will mean that we have to be more flexible as a family.  We still have the awesome daycare here that I can take advantage of to get shopping and appointments taken care of.  We were able to go to church the day after we got here and I jumped right in helping in the nursery because they were short-handed and needed the help.  Also, the kids are lovin' being in the mobile home.  They have tons more room to run around and there is more room outside for them to play, too.  We are enjoying it, too, because we now have our own room at the other end of the house.  Sam is also able to get up in the morning and make noise and have a decent breakfast and have coffee if he so chooses.  Nice.  Also, even though I don't know if we are actually going to be here versus somewhere else for the birth of this baby, I do like that we are in a house with more room for the purpose of recovery if we end up being here. :)
Please just keep us in your prayers about all of this.  It could be quite overwhelming, but I don't believe we have to live or think that way.  Getting our vehicles fixed is the main headache here and I just don't want it to be all complicated.  I'm also hoping to just have to use the insurance on the motor home and be able to afford the repair on the van ourselves.  We'll see.  We're gonna be praying about it all.  Also, that there aren't any hidden issues here.
More stuff later as we get more settled and things calm down.

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