Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We've been having such a great Christmas.  Sam's parents came on Tuesday afternoon and we have all been really enjoying each other's company.  Sam's dad managed to get our window rolled back up, so that we are able to drive the van without the plastic "window" that wouldn't stay put!  I'm so excited!  We also went grocery shopping Tuesday night at Walmart and as crazy as that is to do, it really wasn't all that bad.  We were in and out in a small amount of time.  Praise God!  We also stopped by Lowe's and got some boards because they brought our bed frame!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  Now, I don't have to get up from the bed from floor level.  My body is VERY grateful!  They also brought our rocking chair and my how nice that is.  I've finally gotten to sit in it a bit after the boys took it over for some time. :p  The boys opened their presents and man did they make out like bandits.  The cool thing is, that the presents are all things we can take with us should we have to go back out on the road anytime soon and most of them are educational in some way.  So fun!  They've been having fun playing all day.  We had Turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole , jello salad and rolls.    Super YUMMY!!!  We also made a Happy Birthday, Jesus! cake and sang happy birthday to Jesus. Right now the boys are on a Christmas walk with Meemaw and Peepaw and Daddy.  Tomorrow, they are planning to leave in the morning and Braden is going to be going back with them to meet my mom on the way.  He's going to stay with my mom for several days along with his cousin Jacob.  This will be the first time he's been away from us for more than a couple of nights.  He's totally gonna be oblivious to our absence and have such a good time!  I've decided that since the window is now up that Zekey and I can go and pick him up at my sister's house in Canton next week and that way Mom and I won't have to drive but a few hours each to accomplish the switcheroo.  Plus, I have yet to see my newest nephew Graysen who was born back in August!    I also haven't seen Jacob or my sister and her husband since...yeah, I can't even remember, its been so long!  I'm looking forward to it.  Anyway,  I hope you are all having the best Christmas ever and that you are just enjoying the birthday of the best gift ever given!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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dyessdnl4 said...

Dear Shelly & Sam,
Sorry we are so ignorant of such technology. We are glad that telephones are still fashionable. Although sometimes we think that they have left us behind too. You are VERY WELCOME for the window. I'm just grateful that it worked; many times, in my experience, it does not. I'm glad that you and Ezekiel have transportation.
Sam, I thought the route through Milford, Italy, Ennis, and Kaufman was good. There were some bottlenecks in Ennis and Kaufman, but, on the whole, I thought it was good. It's only single lane, and the speed limit is generally 60mph, but I think it cut off quite a few miles too. The whole trip from you house was about 270 miles, I think. Well, whether you take it or not, that's my report.
We really enjoyed our Christmas at your house. Thanks again, and we hope you can soon resume 8-hour days with time for family and worship. All our love. Pepaw & Memaw.