Friday, December 5, 2008

So many things...

Yep, I know I have been mia on here, but we've had a LOT going on!  Our Thanksgiving was different from usual, but still really good.  We got to see members of Sam's family that we haven't seen since 2000 and some I've never even met and I'm not sure if Sam had actually ever seen a couple of them.  We were really missing home, though, I gotta tell ya.  I called my granny and asked her to freeze me some food so I can eat it when we go home for Christmas. :)  She's going to make some extra dressing and freeze it for me.  Gotta love Granny!!!  There were only three kids there counting my two, but they had fun running around after the dogs.  The dogs had fun chasing them, too.  The food was good, but still not totally Thanksgiving for us, although I will have to say that the fried turkey was so delicious!  MMMmmmmmm!  There was also this cream cheese, graham cracker and cranberry dessert thing that was, "WOW!"  I requested the recipe and it was granted, so I should be getting it in my email soon!  Woo-hoo!  I'll even ask if I can share it!  We didn't bring the camera, so no pics, sorry. :(

We are currently getting geared up for Christmas.  As previously stated, we are trying to make most everything.  We did finally get done making the Christmas tree, though it is not out of cardboard as originally planned.  After asking at a few appliance stores for a box big enough and that being a dead end, I decided on a different tactic.  We were in JoAnne's looking for some fabric for an Advent Calendar (yeah, I'm making that, too. :)  I came upon some thick furry green fabric and I started getting ideas!  Anyway, what ended up happening is, our Christmas tree is essentially an enormous pillow with buttons sewn on it to hang ornaments and garlands from.  Braden finished stuffing it last night and I sewed it up and we are gonna commence decorating it this week.  

Braden has already made a few ornaments.  He picked up several pine cones at Chris' house for Thanksgiving and we brought them home and glittered the mess out of them!  Yay sparkly  pine cone ornaments. :)  We are also going to make a homemade pom-pom garland.  I've still got to make the rest of the pom-poms, but I get some done everyday and eventually, we'll have enough for Braden to string together.  Fun!  I thought about doing popcorn or cranberries, but decided that would be a huge mess and I didn't want to have to clean all that up.  

The Advent Calendar is coming along, too, although its turning out to be a lot more work than I at first planned.  That's usually how it goes, though!  I'll take a picture when I finish.  I'm hoping to get it done in time to use for at least half of this month!  Haha!  We are also going to make matching pajama pants for our Christmas picture this year.  Sam and I are both going to work on sewing them up.  Should be quite an interesting process.  Also, I found this really great pattern for a cone hat to crochet and decided to try it out.  I made a cammo one for Sam and then got the bright idea that I could make one for each of us out of red, white, green and cammo to go with our pj pants.  I made Zekey's last night and hope to get Braden's done today.  Mine and Sam's will get done after that.  I took some pics of Zekey in his and also some of Sam in his.  I've also finished two wash cloths, a dish towel and two scarves.  I'm gonna make some more wash cloths and start on an afghan as soon as the hats are done.  I'm telling you crocheting is addictive!!!  After that, I'm going to work on learning how to knit.  I want to make some socks.

Speaking of socks, thank you to Mzzterry for the ones she sent me for November's Sock Swap!  Very funky chicken socks!  Braden put them on and started running around the house.  He ended up keeping them on most of the day.  He's smitten, but they're MINE!  :P  The other two pair will be most welcome when we go home to visit, cuz it will be cold and I love puttering around in warm socks when its cold.  Love the foot spa stuff, too.  Now, if I can just get Sam to give me a spa session for my feet...... ;D  You rock!  Thank you again!!!  Here are some pics of the occasion:

I also got my 12 Days of Christmas package sent out and that was such a huge relief!  I don't think I will be undertaking one so involved for some time to come.  My partner has already gotten it and is waiting to open it on the appropriate days.  Basically, from Christmas Day to January 5th.  I hope she likes everything.

We also took the boys to get their hair cut the other day.  Braden is now an old pro at this and he sits in the chair and listens to instruction so well that I don't even stand by him anymore.  I just wait in the waiting area for him to get done.  This time, we were also getting Zekey's done.  I've trimmed it around the edges a couple of times, but mostly to keep his hair out of his eyes.  The lady actually cut off more than I wanted, but it still turned out just fine.  I told her no shaving and had to reiterate that when she wanted to shape around his ears and back of his neck with the clippers.  Yeah.  Anyway, I nearly cried when Zekey was done.  He looked so different!  Much more like a little boy than a toddler.  I still look at him and have a pang because of the haircut from time to time.  I must say, I did better this time than with Braden.  I waited such a long time to cut his hair because he had these curls on the ends and I knew that when I cut those off, I would never see them again!  Oh, well, I guess that's part of being a mom.

Oh, yeah, as mentioned earlier, we are getting to come home for Christmas after all.  We really didn't think it was going to happen because of timing and costs, but our God made a way!  We are actually getting sent away from Arizona and not getting sent back as originally thought. We are going to be in Killeen for the foreseeable future. I don't know if that will include the time of having the baby or not, but if it does that would be so nice. We have support there and are close to family. Braden and Zekey have the daycare that I can utilize when needed and their godparents are 2 1/2 hrs away in San Antonio! Yay! Also, there is a birthing center right down the road from the rv park that we stay in there. I'm hoping that they will take our insurance. We'll see what God provides.

Baby Update:  I now look like I'm pregnant and have gained a few pounds finally.  I'm also getting more and more uncomfy which is usual as the baby gets more active.  I've got some lovely sciatica on my left side, but again, its the usual.  I'm getting up more during the night and getting more tired, but that's not really a big deal as my kiddos graciously let me sleep in in the mornings.  I now only have the occasional urge to gag when I have to go in to wipe Braden's bottom after he poos, but I can't say I wouldn't have that same urge if I wasn't pregnant!  hahaha.  Kristina, I will take a belly pic just for you and post it soon!

I think that gets me caught up so far....

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Mzzterry said...

I actually got my December sock swap in the mail today.....on its way to Becky!