Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking some time

Lately, I haven't had a whole lot of time for computer stuff, but I thought today I should at least go ahead and get caught up. 

We are still in the process of getting as many things moved out of the motor home as possible, but its taking a while because some of the stuff I am not able to get and Sam has had to work such long days.  He only got a half of a day on Sunday off.  His bosses are trying to work out a more reasonable schedule.  Anyway, he's super tired and I'm trying to take over as much as I can so that he gets some rest while he's home and awake.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated. We want to be resting in the Lord at all times, but especially when we are physically and mentally challenged with fatigue. :)  We are just going to wait to get the van fixed.  We might go ahead and get the estimate done so that we can budget for that, but right now there's just too much going on and we are doing all right with what we have.

We also got to go to San Antonio for the day on Saturday and visit Nina and Padrino and of course I didn't take any pics even though I did take the camera.  It was so nice and lots of fun.  We have missed them soooooo much!  Hopefully, we'll get to stay for a weekend after the holidays and Braden might get to stay with them by himself for a couple of days.  Zekey went right in and hugged Donna when we first got there.  He remembered her!  Braden was the same way when he was very little and we hadn't seen them in a long time.  I'm telling you that these are some very special folks!

The boys went with me to my first midwife appointment yesterday.  She is super nice and comfortable to be around.  She also has a student right now and that's pretty neat.  She has a basket full of toys and Braden and Zekey had them strewed all over the exam room.  She just stepped over them all and kept going.  She has four of her own that she homeschools. She checked my weight, which has gone back down.  So, basically, I still haven't gained any.  She didn't seem concerned, which I'm grateful for.  I'm supposed to keep track of what I eat for three days as a routine thing she does.  I might get into trouble with all the carbs that I eat, but I think I'll be okay.:)  I'm also measuring at 30 weeks, which is where I am until tomorrow.  She does think the baby is facing posterior, but again, nothing to worry about.  I'm hoping this kiddo does turn around cuz it is an easier delivery if they are in the ideal position, but otherwise, this baby will come out, period.  If you are interested click here and you can view her web site and her photo gallery of the birthing center.  Yeah, our insurance isn't going to cover any of this birth so we are paying for it all out of pocket.  Her husband pointed me in the direction of a coupon on the killeen website, so we get an additional $200 off of the birthing package plus she gives a cash discount if you are paying for it all out-of-pocket.  We had to pay the first of three payments at the appointment and it was a large chunk of money, but we both feel it is worth it.  Then the boys got to go hang out at day care for a couple of hours.  Part of that time I was in the office filling out registration paper work.  I found out that we were going to have to come up with another chunk of money for the registration fee because it had been increased since we've been gone.  I'm going to go off on a tangent for a sec:  This just irritated the mess outta me.  The reason the school/daycare had to raise the registration fee is because there were so many parents not paying what they owed!  That is an integrity issue and even though I know it happens constantly in the world, I just can't stand it that it was happening to this daycare.  The people there are just so caring and they work long days taking care of other people's kids....  I'm just saying! Not only that, but because of dishonest people's carelessness, the ones who were abiding by the rules also have to pay.  Literally. So sad. Okay, moving on...The ladies in the office were cracking me up because they were trying to get a brochure for the Christmas program worked up and printed out and they did not know how to.  Plus, they were making each other laugh and I was laughing at them stuff!  Miss Misty turned to me and asked if I was computer literate and I said yes and so after I filled out the paper work I made a template for the Christmas program.   I then left to go run some errands and I finally made it to Hobby Lobby to get an ornament for my swap partner (sorry Becky!!!  It is coming! Its boxed, labeled and ready to go to the post office, I just have to get there.:)  I'm very excited that is finally done and I also made it to the post office to send my socks to my sock swap partner (sorry Mzzterry for the lateness, but they are in the mail and this time not coming from Arizona!:)  Anyway, yay!!!  When I got back to pick up the boys, the ladies in the office were still trying to type up the program and they were still in there laughing and giggling.  Yep, I joined in and went into a coughing fit I was laughing so hard.  Love those ladies!!

I finally started making some goodies.  I made gingerbread cookies and snickerdoodles the other day and sent some to work with Sam yesterday.  I'm making fudge and mixed nut clusters today.   The boys have a Christmas party at daycare on Friday, so I got some stuff for that.  While they are at daycare on Friday, I'm going to attempt to wrap all of the Christmas presents for the boys.  I have the ones we got them: the giant Mr. Potato Head from Sams that has four smaller ones with all the parts inside it and another box of larger leggos.  They already have one, but they both like to play with it and there tend to be too few to go around.  Plus, we got them several stocking stuffers cuz I just can't resist fun silly little things and I kept buying them.  Then, my mom brought the presents she bought for the boys to Arizona when she visited and so I'm going to wrap those, too.  Hopefully, I'll have enough time to get most of them done at least.

We might have Sam's parents and possibly two of our nephews coming to stay with us for a couple of days over Christmas.  That would be really fun, though, it would involve air mattresses and such.  We have a makeshift couch that consists of one of the bunk bed mattresses and the couch and dining bench cushions from the motor home.  It might be interesting, but its working for us! :p  We do have the other mattress off of the hide-a-bed in the couch if we need it and we also might even be able to use the cab bed mattress.  I'm just not sure if it actually comes all the way off.  We'll see.

I still need to take a picture of our Christmas tree.  Man, it is the most homemade tree we've ever had and we all LOVE it!!!  We may make it a permanent tradition.  I want our tree to always be kid friendly and this one certainly is! :)  Anyway, I'll take a picture soon and post it.

Also, just wanted to share a lovely occurrence.  We've been getting Netflix for many years now and they started making movies available to watch directly off of their website on your computer.  When they started this, I was really excited, but it was right about the time we got our mac and at that time they didn't have permission from apple to be able to give mac users that access.  Anyway, after we connected our internet here, I just thought I'd try it again and viola! it works!  We've been enjoying that feature of our membership and have been able to watch some Hermie and Friends and Bedbug Bible Gang movies.  The boys are lovin' these movies.  They also have some of the much older Jane Austin movies available and I decided to try and watch Mansfield Park and Pride and Prejudice. I couldn't watch all the episodes of Mansfield Park because it was such a lot of bad acting!  Pride and Prejudice wasn't much better, but I did actually make it through all of the episodes.  Its always interesting to me to see different director's takes on the same subject matter.  Yeah, I still like the 1995 version the best of all of them.  Sam and I also decided to watch an episode of the old Buck Rogers series because we happened to see it and we had joked about getting the boxed set at Sams.  Oh, yeah, totally '80s!  I do remember watching it when I was little and really liking it.  I guess for its time it was really something.  Seriously, though, all I kept thinking about while watching it was how much Spaceballs had captured it perfectly along with Star Wars and other sci-fi movies of that time.  So funny!

Oh, yeah, I wanted to make a point about the money stuff going on right now.  We may be having to come up with lots of money for everything going on right now and at one point in time that would have really stressed me out because I'm a planner and I like to have everything just so.  I like to have emergency money in savings and have everything budgeted and know how things stand.  Lately, that has not been possible and we have had plenty of unexpected expenses, but the really cool thing is that God's provision for it all just keeps on coming.  We may not "like" that Sam is having to work so much right now, but it is only for a season and it is providing the money that is needed at this time.  Its really rather amazing!  I'm excited to see what God has in store for us because He always blesses and provides in such unexpected ways and He is always molding and shaping us through each experience.

I think that about sums it up for now.


vanillafrog said...

your socks are on the way to your family's house and there's an extra surprise that my sister picked out for you!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

your midwife should be able to give you a position and/or exercise to help the baby turn anterior. I started them when I was 38 or 39 weeks with Cagey because he was posterior. He was anterior and my labor was nothing. Just FYI - hope everything goes well with your midwife and move and errything else you're blogging about :) I had to type Dredisma to post my comment- what the heck?