Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy somethings

So, I though I'd put up some pics of the house we put an offer on. We are getting our inspection done tomorrow and then we'll have a general contractor come out and give us estimates on some things.

This tree is already beloved by the boys

Great back porch/patio

side view of the backyard and part of the shed

Very nice shed

Front of the house

laundry room (really excited about this!;)

The kitchen sans all appliances, except dishwasher. (look at all that counter space!!!)

The entryway into the dining room and kitchen. that is our realtor, Cher...she's awesome!

Sunken living room with old skool, funky chandelier

The super nice, shaded backyard

The smaller of the two reg. bedrooms

The larger of the two reg. bedrooms

This is one of the baths

Here is the master bathroom

This is the master bedroom and where Sam is in the back is the motel style bathroom.

This is the hallway

This is the back of the two-car garage

This is the front of the garage

Here are some misc. pics of Ailey Grace:

Yeah, I had to take pics of the stinkin' cutey shoes I found at Sears Grand on Saturday. This is her second pair of shoes, but the first ones I have bought for her. She was pretty fascinated by them. I was gonna put a bow on her head, too, but I forgot. Go figure;p


Nessa and Jeebs said...

love the toothless grin :) and I LOVe the yard - yay for yards!

Mzzterry said...

wonderful house. i can just see your kiddos climbing those trees & playing in that great yard! It is cool how the brick goes into the hallway, love the arches too!! will have so much fun making a house your *own*.......very excited for yall!!