Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fest 09

(I'm posting this super late, but putting the date correctly, so yeah.)We had our church's Fall Festival tonight and we all had such a great time! We dressed the boy's as super heros. I do believe the costumes speak for themselves. Sam and I were laughing and having such a good time dressing them up. I found Ailey Grace's costume for $8 at Walmart. Sam and I weren't going to dress up originally, but decided to at the last minute. I thought that since the '80s were rearing their ugly heads again, I would give a little taste of how it really was. Yeah, NOT pretty, people!!! I took a little trip down memory lane while I was rolling my pants legs and doing my bangs....hahaha! Sam has a pair of jeans we call his "shaggy" pants and they always look like he's ready for a flood. He paired that with his cuffed-sleeve shirt and he's was working a version reminiscent of the '70s.

I did face painting and Sam was the photographer and here are the pics for your viewing enjoyment:

Brandy and Caleb

Braden and his pal Gage

Me wielding my trade

Sweet Emily - she wanted her abc's painted on her face.

Yes, his cape also doubles as his art apron;p

Isn't she cute?! She had ruby slippers on and everything.

Brandy and I were on the same wavelength, apparently!


Jonah - He belongs to Brandy and Caleb

Cami and Aaron


This is known as a camera hog...

One of Eses twin girls - Doxa

Lydia and her two kiddos - Emmalee and Greg

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