Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A fondant foray and a birthday visit

So, I made my multi-layered birthday cake. Here is the picture progression of that tragedy:

Red velvet cake and chocolate zucchini cake and crusting dark chocolate frosting

Layers that didn't want to lay down

Leftover tops with potential

The calm prettiness before the fondant storm

I really should have left well enough alone at this point, but alas its ever an experiment with me!

What you do with the leftovers...

I pressed the remnants into the bottom of a loaf pan and cut it in half and then frosted it. We don't want to be wasteful, now do we?

Where's that white elephant missing a foot?
I really don't think I'm going to be using fondant. Its a lot of hard work. Just rolling it out was craziness, not to mention the laying on and attempting to smooth it out like the directions say...
Ailey Grace taking a snooze.

The sweetness

Padrino a.k.a Juan and his goddaughter

Love this pic!

Somewhere between Killeen and San Antonio, the fondant drooped some more and I stretched it a bit more and cut off the ends. This of course left lovely chocolate fingerprints all over the place!

Braden was enjoying a spoonful of the leftover blue and yellow icing

Had a lot of fun going over the top with the decorations. Lots of candy sprinkles were eaten in the making of this cake;p

The first piece cut....that also made me not like the fondant so much. Its kinda a pain and it is just very bland.

This is Nina a.k.a. Donna, my fellow birthday girl.

Had a good time working in this kitchen. Living vicariously, people!

Look away! Scariness! or we could go with...."Everybody was kung fu fightin'!" Check out the 'stache:)

I love my family!!!

As we were leaving, we decided to have an impromtu photo shoot.

Zekes was trying so hard to copy Braden. So cute!

Braden was just having lots of fun posing.:)

Okay, keep your eyes on Zekey...


Ailey decided she had had enough!

She's outta there!

Trying to crawl to her refuge...she doesn't like grass yet;p

There's the Daddy!

Nina and Padrino's beautiful house.


Michawn said...

that IS a beautiful house.

someone at a ladies' meeting just last week demonstrated how to make a cake with fondant. i had never heard of it...of course i've seen it and eaten it, but just never investigated to see what it was. she made it look extremely easy, but she's been doing it for years (even though she's only 24...that was the last thing on my mind when i was 24...ha ha ha).

and, is that a mustache sammy is sportin' or was he just really, really messy with the chocolate? ;)

DyessFam said...

I would love to say that he is just messy with the chocolate, but it is indeed a 'stache. He has since trimmed the sides up a bit and now resembles an early Yosemite Sam! Haha...workin' on some handlebars.