Friday, September 30, 2011

A Different Conclusion

As I stated in a previous post, I have not been a fan of hot tea.  I have now come to a different conclusion.  After consuming my body weight in tea the past couple of weeks, thanks to my over-active allergies, I do believe I like it.  BUT, I have figured out that I like only certain kinds.  Shocker!, I know.  In the past, the kind I had was types either my mom had on hand in the house or the kinds Sam preferred.  I know for a fact that I DO NOT like mint in my tea or any form of menthal-y flavor or smell.  Ew.  I do not like super strong tea, especially the black variety, unless it is sweetened and cold, which is the way it was meant to be, I assure you. :)  I do not like lemon in my all, and that is coming from an unabashed citrus (with the exception of grapefruit) lover.  I just don't believe it belongs in tea, hot, cold or otherwise.  I like fruity teas and I like teas, red, white or green, with cinnamon in it.  I like a good vanilla flavor, as well.  After trying several flavors, of my choosing ;), I find that I prefer white or rooibos teas with the aforementioned flavors.  OH and I like a little tea with my honey. :)  Its similar to the way I drink coffee, too, about half a cup, or less, of coffee and the rest creamer or milk and sugar.  Don't judge!  Its the way I shuffle.  So, in conclusion, a whole other world has been opened to me.  The end...or is it just the beginning?!  *pinky poised dramatically at the corner of mouth, single eyebrow raised questioningly*

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Pairadyess said...

Well then! Go on with your shufflin' self. Ha. It sounds like we enjoy the same type of hot tea. We shall have to enjoy a cup together! Oh and the "a little tea with your honey"... Just another thing your nephews love about their Aunt Shelly! :p