Friday, September 23, 2011

A movie review x2

I recently watched the latest Jane Eyre and Rango.

Jane Eyre was...interesting.  I really like the story and have read the book.  It seems like every time someone tries to remake this movie, they concentrate on certain parts.  I know it is a long and indepth story and would need to be done in the same fashion as the 1999? version of Pride and Prejudice to get most of the nuances and a real feel for the storyline and characters.  The most funny thing to me is that several of the newer versions of this have rather good looking people playing Jane and Mr. Rochester, when the book is very clear about her being plain and he not being handsome at all.  I did have to reconsider that, though, because in that time period, pretty and handsome were not necessarily the same as our definitions of those words.  I'm thinking now that Mr. Rochester was probably very good-looking, just ruggedly so, which would have been rather repulsive in that time of dandy-type men, who I think of as pretty boys.  I think Jane was probably rather pretty in a very natural, unmade up sort of way, which would have been looked-down upon in that era.  Then again, they could have both been ugly, indeed.  Who knows?!
Anyway, I did enjoy this version of it, all except for the ending.  It was extremely abrupt. The movie moves along at a rather climactic speed from the beginning and then the ending feels like you run straight into a wall, SCHMACK!, and that's it.  That is just a tad bit disconcerting.

Onto Rango.  I know that it is rated PG and that if you look at the ratings, it tells you why its rated that way, but I think it needs to be rated somewhere between PG and PG-13.  PG- perhaps?  Its a "cartoon" and the advertising of it definitely aims at kids and families like it is friendly for them to all watch and its just NOT.  I previewed this one after everyone had gone to bed. I'm really glad I did it that way and not just started watching it with the kids and then have to turn it off and explain to them why because of the pieces of vulgarity they would have been exposed to.  It reminded me of a softer version of The Book of Eli (I so wish that had not had all the language in it, amongst other things!).  So not what I want my kiddos exposed to!  Why, pray tell, do you need cussing in a cartoon?  Also, why do you need drinking and smoking in a cartoon?  I'm well aware that saloons are not nice places and I'm still wondering why that was necessary.  It was even complete with some sort of rodent or lizard (still not sure which), sporting bouncing, half-hangin' out boosies.  Yeah.  Why?  Droppin' this one OFF the movie radar.

So, there are my official two reviews for the...well, at least for now.


Nessa and Jeebs said...

Or maybe they were both very ugly, indeed! hahahaha and bouncing, half hangin' out boosies hehehe- that's how I like to wear mine :) ha! you're funny gert.

Nessa and Jeebs said...

ps I get sick of seeing naked bums and sex scenes in PG-13. I don't even want to see my own naked bum- come on- I definitely don't want to see anybody else's. (else's?, I donno)