Monday, September 26, 2011

Homeschool Mania, Week 2!

I don't know if I'm actually going to keep up with this topic from week to week, but I did feel compelled to do another post about it. :)

This week has been super-duper crazy.  We had our two round-trips to Georgetown to get the 'puter fixed, which totally disrupted those two days, Monday and Tuesday.  We ended up doing school work well into the first evening and then the second we had to stop short because we had a home group to attend.

Somewhere in there Zekey's curriculum arrived in the mail and I worked on and off printing out all the workbooks for him for next week..... He's very excited that he has his own school stuff. :)

Wednesday was kinda off because I woke up and couldn't really talk.  Sonlight has LOTS of reading involved for the parents and....yeah, you get the idea.  I still read what I could, but I couldn't do any of the different voices for the characters. :(  Sam, had to read the next chapter in The Red Sails To Capri that we are reading for part of Braden's history lesson.

Thursday, I was supposed to go to worship practice, but thanks again to these allergies 'o mine, I didn't think a croaking frog was going to help with the harmony there. ;)

Thursday was a bit better, but my voice was still playing hide and seek.  We didn't get anything done that morning, but did manage to get all the way ready for Co-op.  My 6-8 yr old science class went really well.  I way over-prepared just to make sure we weren't all twiddling our thumbs for 10+ minutes at the end of the hour.  I am so very blessed to have my friend and co-conspirator co-teaching my classes with me!  Thanks, Ali!  The 3-5s was chaotic to say the least.  We attempted to do an eggs on spoons race with plastic eggs on plastic spoons with 29 kiddos in a small space and well...we just didn't accomplish that feat.  I felt so bad because several of the kids didn't get a turn because we just stopped and did snack instead. :(  Oh, well!  AND, I had a new song to sing on my phone and with all the noise in the class we couldn't hear the words and it was nearly like a comic routine.  I definitely learn what NOT to do a little bit more each week.  I should have it down pat by the last day. :)  Anyway, I definitely want to tweak for next week.

We also had a birthday partay to attend and went to get some silly things for the gift.  Mission accomplished!  We went to the party and stayed out way later than we had intended.  (Good company will do that, you know! Happy Birthday, Jason!:)

Friday, a whole lot of nada got done!  I was exhausted and my voice was still being sketchy.  I did, however, get the house in some sort of order.  My "fang shooey" was constipated so I had to get my groove going again for the sake of my sanity!  Saturday was just a huge blur and Sunday we chilled (at least for a little bit until I decided the living room needed to be rearranged!), so we get to do a double day of school this week.  Whew! Basically, I've decided that I will be doing only minimal extra activities this week and possibly next week.  Need a break and I need to get back in a routine!

I now understand why certain homeschool heros of mine do not answer their phones during the day or after a certain age participate in co-op!

'Til the next installment of Homeschool Mania...

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Ali said...

Homeschool=chaos. The end. ;) I'm really happy to be in the science class with you this year! You are an AWESOME teacher girl!!!