Saturday, September 17, 2011

A River Sort of Runs Through It

We decided to go to Colorado Bend State Park to just hear a whole lotta quiet for an afternoon.  Its an almost two hour drive, but we get to drive through Lampasas, which has some really neat old houses.  The rest of the drive is through the countryside and then it takes fo'eva to get to the river from the beginning of the road to the park.  It is also nearly all caliche "paved".  Now, some of you remember the, um, incident regarding our previously-ours motorhome pulling the van on a tow dolly taking on a concrete barricade in a construction zone and not winning, while at the same time making the passenger-side door crunchy where it meets the wheel well.  Kay.  Because of the aforementioned crunchiness, there is a bit of a gap in that area and basically it makes a mini wind tunnel.  Now picture this through your mind... super dusty caliche road for about twenty minutes at around 30 mph, mini wind tunnel sucking in said super dusty caliche road for about twenty minutes at 30 mph.  Normally, our dashboard is a slight gray color due to the dust build-up on the black that gets cleaned a good 2 times per year, but because we had a minor "sand storm" in our car for, say it with me now, twenty minutes at 30 mph, it is now a powdery white color, along with every other surface on the interior of our van.  Sam was also powder-coated since he was the one sitting on that side of the vehicle.  I think he did a good rendition of Sean Patrick Flanery as Jeremy in Powder.  
On the way back, we did get a clue and plug the hole with a towel.  Yep, that was much better. :)  Especially, because it was now me who was sitting on that side. ;p  We got to the park, finally, and enjoyed ourselves for about an hour/hour and a half.  After that, the kids who decided they needed to fully immerse themselves in the water of the not-so-at-this-point-in-our-drought river and then came to the conclusion that they were cold once out in the wind.  I was getting fatigued carrying Brea in the Moby and sweating profusely because of same Moby, while hiking over rocks and sludge in the river and at the same time keeping Ailey steady on her feet.  When we decided that it was time to head back to the van so that I could chill and feed the Boopster while Sam took the boys on a walk, we got out of the river and part of the way up the bank when Ailey decided to poo-bomb her britches.  By this time, Brea was getting fairly fussy as well and I was just done.  Poor Sam!  We just decided to go ahead and call it a day and head back home, with a soothing ice cream stop on the way back.  Let's just say, we are glad we have a parks pass! :)

Here are some pics of our white-ish water adventure (Totally rockin' my sun-protector, too! Don't be hat'in', cuz you know you wanna rock one, too!):

 Don't you just hear banjos playing here...


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