Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Losing one's voice is not conducive to parenting... ;p

So, my allergies have been rearing their cumulative ugly head for the past 3 days and this morning I woke up and my vocal cords were covered in muck.  Any time the weather changes, I deal with major allergy mess.  I think all the smoke from the fires everywhere is involved, too.  Several years back, there were fires and the wind was carrying the smoke far and wide and my sinuses did a total revolt then, as well.  I'm not gonna complain, though, because I'd much rather deal with this than getting a virus or bacterial something or other.  So, yay! allergies! ;)

My voice is in hiding right now and I'm forced to drink hot tea with honey.  ichhhhk!  Not a fan of hot tea, normally.  This stuff isn't too bad, though.  Its Black Raspberry Green Tea a.k.a. Superfruit Tea and it has a good flavor.  Need to get some more of it for such times as these.  I'm thinking it would be waaay better as Sweet Iced Tea. :)  Voooiiiccce!  Come out, come out, wherever you are!  Right now, I sound like a hoarse frog and I'm having to whisper because my tonsils, vocal cords and larynx are sore.  Today is going to be a very interesting homeschool day....

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