Saturday, September 17, 2011

For Reina: Stir Fry from scratch and Red Velvet cake turned trifle

A while back (at least 2+ mos. ago), I mentioned on fb that I made a stir fry from scratch (usually its in a bag or box or Panda Express...;) and I promised to post pics.  So, here they are, late as usual!

 I took this on the same day.  I was excited to finally have a terra cotta brown sugar keeper.

 This was leftover from friends coming over to our house for dinner and I decided it could be repurposed for our home group potluck.  I was going to make cake balls, but that would have been more work than I wanted so I went with a trifle.

 This was the sweet and slightly spicy sauce I made for the stir fry.  It was pretty yummy.

 I had all these veggies hangin out in my fridge, which is why I was going to make a stir fry in the first place.  They needed to be used before they all shriveled up and made my fridge stinky!

Now that I've made this, what I will tweak next time is when I add the sauce to the veggies and chicken.  I didn't drain off the liquid that came of the chicken and veggies reducing, so it was rather soupy and the sauce got way too diluted.  Next time I will drain the liquid off and then add the sauce.  Much better!

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queen of everything said...

looks yummy. everytime we ask what aislyn wants to eat she says chinese or sushi.