Sunday, August 17, 2008

Famous Dave's Barbeque

So, being a southern girl and all and married to a barbeque lovin' southern man, let's just say that if we are going to eat BBQ, it better be better than good.  It better be great!  Sam and I have our favorite BBQ places, of course.  His is Rudy's.  There was one in Tyler, but I think it closed down, so they are mostly in south Texas in the Austin/San Antonio area.  The original one is close to Boerne (pronounced Burney....yeah).  Mine is Bodacious BBQ hands down.  I LOVE their sauce.  I still have part of a half a gallon bottle of it sitting in my fridge for when I need it.  I put it in my baked beans, for example.   YUM!!!!  Well, we happened to notice a BBQ joint called Famous Dave's and for a few days, every time we saw it we kind of made fun of it like, "Its not famous to me, I never heard of it!"  That type of thing.  Anyway, today after church, we decided to go try it out.  OH, MY WHOLE LOT OF YUMMINESS!!!!  Its really good!  They have several kinds of sauces to choose from right on your table and after trying them all, I really like the sweetest one and the mustard sauce.  Sam, of course likes the peppier ones.  Braden downed his portion of a pulled pork sandwich and I just finished the other half of mine.  (It was just as good the second half around;)  Sam actually opted for one of their chargrilled burgers and was full and happy at the end of it.  They have a diverse menu, including fried catfish, which I will be trying out when we go next time.  The other cool thing was we told our waiter that it was our first time being there.  The manager came after we finished our meal to make sure everything was fine and dandy and then he came back with a welcome first-timer packet and a bottle of free BBQ sauce!  I thought that was pretty cool.  I told him we are from Texas and that was some dang good BBQ!  He said they get that a lot from Texans.  Interesting, huh?  Anyway, I now have a favorite BBQ restaurant on this side of the U.S.  Woo-hoo!


Nessa and Jeebs said...

Well well well, Famous Dave's eh? I ate there in Salt Lake City- it was alright- prolly the best that side of Texas. It still can't touch Bodacious. I also have half of a gallon in my fridge that I cannot be without hehehehe- I laughed out loud when I read that! Oh bodacious- why have you spoiled us so?

vanillafrog said...

man, if it wasn't after 10 i would already be halfway to bodacious right now. i'm so happy i don't have to keep the sauce in my fridge...but i think i know where i'm going for lunch tomorrow!

Melissa said...

I *think* famous Dave's started up here in Minnesota!!!! There is one in Duluth that is SOOOOOO good! It is attached to this HUGE arcade and is right on Lake Superior! It is awesome! They have a sauce called 'Devil's Spit'. It is supposed to be the hottest one they have..let's just say it is pretty warm!! Glad you enjoyed it!