Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little ditty about some shoes and other miscellaneous items

Crocs, wonderful Crocs... what more could you ask for?  (to the tune of food wonderful food from Oliver Twist.)  I've been the proud owner of croc flip flops for about two years plus now and I just got my second pair this past weekend.  I always have the toughest time buying shoes because I have fat feet due to fallen arches.  There are certain styles that I steer clear from so my feet don't look like just made sausages trying to escape their casings.  Trust me, not a pretty sight!  Then I have the problem of support and comfort.  Most dress shoes don't last for more than a couple of hours on my feet and then I'm ready to call it a day and soak my poor feet in epsom salt:(  So, for the past 10+ years I have been on a quest for comfortable yet stylish shoes.  Unless its freezing outside, I wear my Croc flip flops everyday.  I know most people have at least seen them.  Beware of imitations, though, because they are NOT created equal!!!!!  When you put on a pair of Crocs, it is seriously like walking on a cloud.  Like a little piece of heaven decided to support your feet.  Oh, its a wonderful feeling.  I also own a pair of Aerosoles that I've had for about 9 years now.  I wore them every time I wore my blues uniform in the Air Force, which was quite often.  I'm still a fan of Aerosoles, though, again I have to be careful what style I get.  I think eventually, I will have all Aerosoles and Crocs shoes in my closet and nothing else!  My latest aquisition are Alice Crocs in black.  They look like ballet slipper shoes.  I couldn't find any shoes that I could wear to church that I wasn't trying to prevent a blister from appearing 15 mins into the service.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, I would like to report that my new shoes are a resounding success!  Yay!

In other news, Zekey is now saying two words very clearly and often.  Uh-oh, which is usually cause for concern because most likely a large mess has been made and poo-poo, which is self-explanatory.  He has also started shaking his head  no.  He also holds his hands up and looks at us while making a questioning noise if he's wanting to get up somewhere he can't by himself, i.e. the top bunk bed.  He's a funny boy.

Braden has started in asking why every time he is told to do something and we are having fun nipping that in the bud.  Lots of training going on in his world right now.  He's also gotten to where he wants Zekey to play with him all the time, but he still wants it to be done his way.  Its amusing sometimes to watch all that unfolding.  I think it will be so good for him to learn flexibility.  My eldest is also a perfectionist and it really comes out when he's trying to cut something out or draw something and it isn't coming out just right.  I think we'll be working on that a lot this year.  I've found that if I can get him giggling about something then his frustration lessens significantly and he's ready to try again.  Good times.

Another interesting tidbit that I thought I'd share is our growing collection of phonebooks.  I think at this point they are kinda like souvenirs.  I mention this because we just got a new one yesterday.  I think we now have around 8.  I'll have to count to be sure, but I know that's close.

That's all I've got for this edition of the DyessFamChronicles.  I hope you'll tune in next time when we talk of many things:

Of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax-
Of cabbages-and kings-
And why the sea is boiling hot-
And whether pigs have wings."


kjames106 said...

That's cute about Zeke's "UH OH!" Can't wait for Luke to say that. Right now he's just a dancer and babbles in a language I don't understand!

When is your next OB appt? Do you know how far along you are?

vanillafrog said...

actually, it's so awkward that there's not much conversation, i guess i should explain on my blog!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

ok- I can't read that red text- seriously I'm going blind!! I know you don't care:) phone books? really? throw them out- what are you saving them for? scrapbooking? hehehe