Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spur of the moment decision

I was standing in front of the mirror earlier today before I got in the shower and I was looking at the massive amount of hair that had accumulated on my head and decided that it needed to go.  I've been thinking about getting my hair cut for a month or two because its really just too much hair and its a pain to keep up with.  So, I decided right then and there I was gonna cut my hair.  So I did.  I first cut about 5 inches off and I decided I was getting there, but went ahead and cut another 3 inches off to make it complete.  Yep, I just did something I NEVER thought I would do, but desperate times and all that! :)  Seriously, it was getting on my last nerve!  It was heavy, I had to use a ton of shampoo to wash it, the ends look like they had been fried crispy and it wouldn't stay up in my clip, so you see why I had to do it!  Anyway, it didn't turn out too badly.  At least not as badly as I thought it would going into the whole thing.  It so does not look professionally done and I'm sure its got its uneven points, but I don't care.  I'll have someone shape it up in the distant future.  For right now, I'm lovin' how it feels and its a dream to wash! Well, comparatively, anyway.  Yay!!!!  Here are some pics for your perusal:  Sorry, I didn't think to take a before shot, so I'll just have to provide the next best thing.

 In my defense, I did just wash it and so its an unruly hairdo that I'm left with until I decide to do something with it, which I won't, so there we are.

This was the only one I could find of the long-ness of the monstrosity before.  This was a couple of months ago after I got it shaped up in Killeen, so it had some time to grow some more.  (Think weeds.)

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