Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, SAM!!!!

Yep, that's right my honey is turning the big 3-0!  Its really funny.  He hasn't really talked a lot about it.  Occasionally he'll make the I'm gonna be an old man comment, but he's not really serious.  That's because we both know he's already turned into an old fogey and has been one for several years now!  hahahahaha.  I can't say anything, though, because I'm right there with him!  Anyway, we are going to attempt to go someplace special.  He really likes Texas Land and Cattle, but I have a feeling that there's not one here, so we'll have to find an alternative.  Famous Dave's anyone?  Well, hopefully I will have figured it out before today.

So, without further delay:  HAPPY BIRHTDAY, SAM!  I love you!!!!!!!!


Michawn said...


Also, you should really make it up to Sedona before you leave that area. Maybe you've been there before, but it's really pretty and cool. Of course there's really cool 'cowboy/texas' type places too not too far from you...Old Tucson, Tombstone, etc. Arizona is so diverse...I actually miss it now that I'm not there. Can't wait to visit in 2010.

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Melissa said...

Welcome to the 30's Sam!!!! I know I'm late, but hey...Happy Birthday!!!