Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cloth Diapering Re-visited

Well, we are at it again. I'm giving those cloth diapers another go. I came upon something that rather intrigued me. gDiapers.
gDiapers starter kit

Our HEB here happens to carry them, so I went and got a couple of them with the biodegradable inserts. I wanted the cloth inserts, but HEB doesn't carry those. Anyway, Ailey didn't like them because the little snaps on the inside rubbed the sides of her hip. I might be able to figure a way around that, but for now, what I've been doing is using up the g inserts by pairing them with the microfiber inserts I made for my cloth diapers, in my cloth diapers. Its been good so far, but she looks like she's wearing a bustle. I'm now looking into getting some bamboo and hemp cloth and making thinner inserts that absorb more. I found these on nappyshoppe - gflappers.
G-Flapper ™ Insert - Hemp and Microfiber and Microchamois
I like how they are so much thinner than the ones I came up with. She sells the cloth for them, so I am going to order some and see if I can't get the bulk down! Anyone have a surger they don't want?

I still prefer disposable diapers if we are out and about or if someone else may need to change her. Once I get the thinner inserts made, I'll probably be okay with keeping her in them when we go out. Right now, she looks like she was overly blessed in the ba-donk-a-donk area. I might need to take a pic....

So, I did take a pic or two:

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Rosemond said...

What a cute little tushy!!