Monday, November 8, 2010

Test Run

We went down to San Antonio this past weekend to visit our compadres, the kids' godparents. It was a bit of a test to see if I could handle a road trip and visit. Going down there was fine and we always LOVE spending time with Juan and Donna. We ended up only being able to spend one night, but it was really for the best. Ailey apparently didn't want to go to sleep and so I ended up having to get up and take care of that situation. Then, we had the time change which the kids don't ever get the memo about until around three days after said event. SO, basically everyone woke up extra early Sunday. We visited the church we used to be a part of when we lived there and visited with friends we haven't seen for a while. Then, we all went home and naps ensued. Well, I never did actually go to sleep, but I did lay down for a bit. Donna took the boys to the park and Juan, Sam and Ailey took the naps. :) Anyway, in late afternoon, I persuaded Sam to go with me to the La Cantera mall to go to the Apple store so we could get a new mouse. We came to the entrance and "WOW!" is all I was able to come up with. Sam was equally in shock. I have never seen a store soooooo busy. Think Best Buy on a Saturday times 5. Yeah, it was packed! We were able to get an appointment, though, because unlike Best Buy, there were about a million employees working there that day to handle business. It was a very interesting experience to say the least. I was really hoping that since I was pretty sure the mouse was going to have to be replaced and it was covered under the warranty that we could upgrade to the new magic mouse and we just pay the difference in price:

No scroll ball to get messed up! (that is the issue with ours) Well, the guy at the store dashed my hope to smithereens. He said that was a no-can-do. Bummer! We had to wait about 10 minutes for our appointment, so we perused the gadgets on display. After we got to play with this,

we changed our minds about the mouse. Its just like their track pad on their laptops, only its wireless for a desk top. Its very neat! It clicks like a mouse instead of you having to tap it, which is something I really don't like about track pads on pc laptops in general. (the mac notebooks' track pads click, too.) You don't have to move it around like a mouse. Niiiiiice. BUT, its $70. Maybe for a birthday? I think we'll just stick to getting our current mouse replaced. ;p

Anyway, after a long wait trying to find the one in stock that the computer said they had, it turned out that the computer was lying. So, he said what they could do was place an order and in a couple of days when the replacement mouse got there, all we had to do was walk in and trade in our mouse. I just laughed. I told him there was no way that was going to happen since we lived a few hours elsewhere and all and asked if we could make the exchange in Austin. That was doable, but now we are supposed to be there within 5 days to get it done. I don't think its going to happen. Yeah. So, I guess I'll be calling the Austin store to rearrange it all. Let me just say, that I am a HUGE fan of apple products, but trying to get replacement stuff or things fixed is a bit of a hassle because you have to take it to one of their stores and they are all a good drive away. I think I'll be making a suggestion they put a store in here or Temple. I'm thinking they would get more than enough business to warrant it....;)

Okay, so after that interesting string of events, we headed back so that we could get packed up and on the road home. I started not feeling so well and just wanted to go home and so did Sam. We said our goodbyes and got in the van and headed out. Then we found out we forgot one of the noise machines and had to go part of the way back down the road to get it. We hadn't gotten very far, thank you Lord! Finally, we were headed back in the right direction.

Now, I stated earlier that this was a test run to see if going on an extended visit involving a road trip was a possibility or not. We were thinking of maybe going for Thanksgiving. Here's what happened on the drive home: Ailey and Zekey took turns and occasionally chimed in together screaming as loud as they could nearly the whole almost 3 hours it took us to get home. Braden, poor kiddo, was NOT loving the duet Ailey and Zekey were serenading us with. Sam drove, bless him! I was trying very hard and failing miserably at trying to keep my eyes open. (We still hadn't adjusted to daylight a matter of fact, including this morning, we are still working up to it...) The kids had had icecream and cake before we left San Antonio and got hungry on the way, so they got to snack on animal crackers. (I'm putting in my nomination for Mom of the Year....I think I have a good chance in the nutrition category, don't you?;) We thought about stopping at Freddy's, but we'd stopped there the day before on our way down. Gotta talk to them about putting one of those in here, too! Anyway, obviously, not wanting to stop and the large supply of animal crackers won out.

So, the moral of the story is that, although we made it home semi-conscious and I didn't throw up, even though the urge was lurking below the surface, I don't think I will be going on any more trips soon. The aftermath of the trip alone, i.e. grouchy kids today, sleep schedule all messed up, me in exhausted mode, make me want to stay comfy and cozy here in my own home for now.

Thank you, Lord, for a comfy home!!! Yay!



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mzzterry said...

oh yeah....this brings back memories! bless you!

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. God is doing great things in my life right now....if I could just keep my fingers out of the pie!