Friday, November 19, 2010

MMMmmmmmm.... and a gift

So, remember that link to the chocolatey-covered-peanutbuttery-goodness, otherwise known as buckeyes, that I put in a couple of posts back? Well, I made them.... WOW! I MEAN WOW!!! Reeses Peanut Butter Cups ain't got nuthin' on these bad boys! I didn't use 70% cacao, I used semi-sweet choco-chips instead because that is what I had on hand. I did make about half of them with the center empty of chocolate, but then I had chocolate left over so I gave the other half the bon-bon treatment. There is no need for senseless waste of chocolate around here! Now, I can sit on the couch, watch my "stories" (do Monk re-runs count as "stories"?) and eat my buckeye bon bons. :) I sent Sam to work with about a third of them and the tin came home empty. We have been eating the other 2/3 and here is what is left out of 64 of them:

Actually, this minus one more is what is left because after I took that first picture, I really needed to consume 2 more. Really, I promise, it was a real NEED:

Here is what the inside looks like right before I ate it:

Now, here is what I ended up with for a friend's baby, cuz I promised this baby's Gram I would and so there you have it. It would have been a bunny set, but these are for a boy and we don't want to start the scarring process too early. ;) They turned out better than I had hoped and I am now in the process of making another set with opposite colors for another friend's baby on the way. Ailey kept stealing them from me and carrying them around hugging them and giving them kisses:

And this is another gratuitous pic of the kids. They had been making stuff out of the couch and cushions all morning and were all three like this in what I was informed was a rocket ship:

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

I love them thangs!! A friend from church made me some and they were so gooooooood. Cute crochet/knit things I don't know which you did, but you're getting good gert.