Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am trying to find just the right baby doll for Ailey for Christmas. I know I don't want any plastic/vinyl parts. I want it to look as close to a real baby/toddler as possible and I want her to LOVE it! Ailey is pretty girly and is very attracted to pink and purple already. For example, last night I went to Wal-Mart (oh, if I could've avoided it!!!) and I got my niece and nephew their presents for Christmas. My mom is getting Ailey a doll stroller for Christmas and I thought that would be perfect for my niece, so that's what I brought home. Ailey saw it sticking up out of the bag and immediately zoned in on it. She didn't know what it was exactly, but it was pink and she knew it was a toy. 'Nuff said. :) Anyway, I looked at Wal-mart for a baby and I did find a couple of little dolls that were plush and very cute, but I was wanting something bigger and they didn't have that. So, I decided to google it. So far, here is what I've found:

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll In Beige

by Manhattan Toy

North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Baby Brunette

by North American Bear



North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Big Sister Brunette

by North American Bear

Heart Felts (Free Shipping in the U.S.)

Heart Felts by Secelie on Etsy Here

They are all between $18-$24, so not unreasonable in my opinion. The first four are all on Amazon.com and the fifth is on Etsy. I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE!!! I had Ailey look at all the pictures of them, but she seems to like them all! The thing I like about the first four is there are all kinds of accessories available like a baby carrying back pack and clothing, especially this one for the big sister doll:

How stinkin' cute is that?! (I'm thinkin' it would fit on the baby doll,too...;)

I don't know whether to get her the baby doll or the big sister doll. She's going to be a big sister soon, but she's still a baby herself! What to choose, what to choose?!

What do you think? I need opinions, here, people! I am seriously at a loss.

Oh, btw, the boys are getting the complete new set of Bible Man dvds that I was super blessed to receive from a great giveaway off of Octamom's blog!!! She has a really great one going on right now for the new Kari Jobe cd. How cool is that?! I am also sorta kinda thinkin' about making each of the kids their very own personalized bean bag chairs. (I've wanted to get some for YEARS now.) I don't know, yet, its a lot of work. I'm going to try and make the pattern first and if that's successful, I will carry on. If not, those might be birthday presents.;p


mzzterry said...

i love the rosy cheeks baby brunette...the little crawling doll....she is really sweet. but then i like the first one with the paci too, she reminds me of dolls the girls had when they were young. i love it when little girls love dolls, enjoy!

pairadyess said...

You always AMAZE me! These are all sweet baby dolls. I don't think I would go with "big sister" yet. You know how fast Ailey will grow up (over night) when the baby gets here. I would pick a baby outside of thinking about her being a big sis. I really like the first one with the pacifier. My second choice would be the last one... it looks squeezable! The crawling one looks asian (not against that but I would lean more towards one that looks a little like Ailey). Baby Stella's hair is out of proportion with her size! (I know, I'm crazy and I think TOO much). ha.. Love you Shelly! :)

DyessFam said...

Thanks, Jennifer! The reason I was thinking maybe the big sister one is more because Ailey is paying more attention to dolls that have more hair and are more little girlish. I'm thinking its more between the first two. The rosy cheeks one looks a little more real to me, but I like the passy and headband of the first one. The rosy cheeks one is the brunette version. There is a blonde one, but I, too, want one that looks more like her for now. I'm sure that eventually she will have quite a collection. :)

Christina said...

I am a casual passer-by. I actually did a quick Google search to see if the clothes for the Rosy Cheeks doll fit Baby Stella and stumbled on your blog. Baby Stella was adopted into our home on my daughter's first birthday and she has been great. She is the perfect size for a toddler to snuggle with and carry around. Stella is also really easy to wash and has held up well considering all of the adventures that she has been on. All that aside, the thing that I like the most is that she is very versatile and has grown with her - she is simple enough that I can envision her being just as beloved when my daughter turns 5 as she has been for the past year. The down side, the Rosy Cheeks doll has cuter clothes. All your options are adorable so it seems you can't go wrong. I feel like a lot of baby dolls can be a bit creepy looking and all of your choices above are super cute! Good luck to you and I hope your daughter enjoys her little friend!