Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More adventures with Poo!

Last night we had home group and Zekey decided he would poo his britches....again. He did the same at Juan and Donna's Sunday, right before we were headed to church. Jeff, whose home Zekey decided to desecrate, is the one who noticed something smelled amiss. After asking Zekey if he had poo-poo in his pants, Zekey decided to give him a look-see and show him, thankfully in the bathroom. As he pulled his pants down for show and tell, the offensive poo-ball made its escape and rolled right out onto the floor. Jeff reacted in a much different manner than either Sam or I do....he started laughing so hard he couldn't breathe! Then, he came in to try and explain what was going on and it got all the rest of us laughing, too. Because I'm such a prepared and together mom, I had absolutely nothing in the diaper bag to put on Zekey's bum. No, extra undies or spare pull-up and no spare pants. I'm cool like that, yo. We ran into the same issue with Ailey a few days ago, so she now has spare clothes. I guess I better do the same for Zekey now. :) My jacket covered the area sufficiently to get him out to the van where we had a couple of beach towels waiting to be used as togas 'til we could get him home and into more appropriately sized and aged clothing. :)

Okay, fast forward to this morning. I changed Ailey's diaper and decided I would let her air dry for a couple of minutes before I put a new one on her. Normally, this proceeds as planned and no major catastrophe occurs. This morning was apparently special and I didn't get the memo. I went into the kitchen to get something and before I could turn around and come back into the living room, Ailey started crying in an alarmed manner and the boys started yelling at me that Ailey poo-pooed on the floor. AAAAaaaahhhhh! I managed to get to her before she stepped in it...again and got her cleaned up. I think the experience really disturbed her because she didn't stop crying until she was all clean again and then she stayed clear of the poo, but in line of sight for viewing purposes. So, I set to work getting the disturbing items off the floor and into the proper flushing receptacle and just as I came back for trip #2 (no pun intened:), Ailey left me an additional liquid present. Yay! I immediately got a diaper on that girl! I didn't need anymore surprises for the time being and finished cleaning and disinfecting. So much for all the benefits of air drying.....

After all of that, all I have to say is: Thank You, Lord, for giving me a sense of humor and reminding me last night how to use it. Thank You, too, for being my peace and calm in the midst of a very icky storm. Most of all, thank You for creating and giving ideas to the person who developed Green Works disinfecting wipes! Amen!


Nessa and Jeebs said...

My favorite part is how prepared you were:) makes me feel better about my lack of preparedness that will never seem to get better! Oh well! that's how we roll!!

DyessFam said...

Oh, I totally believe in the idea of being prepared, it just doesn't seem to make it anymore. With each kiddo, its just gotten worse....and worse......its how we roll too! HA! Take that organization!