Monday, March 14, 2011

Animal Storage revisited and some cuteness

I finished the animal storage "unit". I basically just took an old towel and cut the ends where the bands are off and then hemmed those edges. Then, I folded one of the long ends up to make a big pocket. I sewed both sides and then sewed down the middle making two pockets. I added the the ribbon loops at the top first, then sewed that ribbon band over them for aesthetic purposes. I added the ribbon to the edges of the pocket because I was convinced it was needed. :) At first, I was going to put this under the window where all the other toys are "arranged", but then got the idea to hang it on the front of her crib where she would have access at night or whenever, since she likes to sleep with them all anyway.

Not too shabby, well maybe shabby chic? I think I want to aim that way in decorating her room. It'll fit her for a long time until she older and starts having her own ideas about how she wants her room to look and feel. :)

While I was in the process of capturing my latest "creation", Ailey came in to investigate. She had a really big smile on her face. She peeked in the pockets and then in her bed. I left her bunny and Baby Brenna in her bed and she decided that they needed to join the rest of the clan. So, up and over she climbed to retrieve them.

She tried to put them in from the top....

They didn't quite fit, so....

She climbed back out of her bed with them to try it from the front.

There was some rearranging involved to make room.

Brenna fits that way just fine...apparently.

I mentioned in a previous post that Ailey has a liking for backpacks. She was carrying Braden's Thomas backpack around for a few days until.....This came in the mail from Aunt Jenny, Uncle Ben and her cousins Elijah, Luke, Gabe and Boaz!!!!

How perfect is that?!?! She LOVES this thing. Its name, as you can see is Tippy Toad, but she calls her Tippy Toes. I love that. Gonna keep that going. Its just so cute! See the grabby hands? She couldn't handle that I had put it up there where she couldn't get to it. Oh, and all those necklaces, save one, are courtesy of Granny who also brought a bag full of dress up clothes. Still working on the dress-up trunk.