Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Highly Unmotivated Ramblings

So, I'm looking around the house.  Lots of things need to get done.  Of course there is the daily piling up of dishes.  I need to make friendship bread (today is the 10th day), but I ran out of sugar and that would require a family trip to the grocery store.  Yeah.  Maybe I can get Sam to pick up some on the way home...? ;p  There's laundry in the basket, in the dryer and in the washer, plus more loads that need to get done in the bins.  There's toys, pieces of paper and various pieces of paraphernalia around the edges of nearly every room in the house, courtesy of the messy munchkins which inhabit this domain.  The backyard looks like it threw up toys and there are plenty of projects I could get started on, like painting the kitchen cabinets, patching holes and cracks in the ceiling, spray painting the vents and outlet covers to blend with the walls....there is quite the extensive list from which to choose. :)  Oh, yeah, not to mention the half a dozen or so little craft projects I started and haven't finished.  Yet.... I have no inclination whatsoever to get any of it done.  I should at least do the laundry or the dishes....well, the dishes may end up getting done because there aren't that many of them today, but the laundry...oh, laundry...nah.

I want to go somewhere outside of this house and do something just for fun, but my body won't let me.  I can't walk around very long without my back aching or my feet swelling or something pregnancy related preventing me from going the distance....

I'm ready.  I'm ready to meet this new little person that's been sharing my body for the last nine months.  I'm ready to have my body back to myself.  I'm ready to get a different kind of sleep than the uncomfortable and oftentimes painful end of pregnancy sleep relationship I'm currently wallowing in.  Oh, I know there is sleep deprivation in the night nursing routine, too, but I'm telling you, its different and I am ready to move on to that stage. :)  I'm ready to get the recovery part over and move on to where I start getting my "normal" energy levels back.  I'm ready to be able to go on bike rides with my kiddos again.  I'm ready to be able to sit on the floor to play without my hips trying to decide if they want to cooperate with each other or not.  I'm ready.  Can you tell I'm ready?

But, strangely enough in all this readiness...I'm still content to let God be in control.  His timing is perfect.  He sees ahead.  He knows what I need and who needs to be here and He's got it all ready and worked out for my good.  All this discomfort has a purpose and He will do a good work in me if I will be patient and let Him.  So... all glory, honor and praise to You, my Precious Lord!  I am content to wait upon You!

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