Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ailey Grace!!!

Ailey turned 2 today. Wow. She's quite an amazing little girl. Lots of mess mixed with lots of cute sweetness and hoh-boy! She's so much fun, though and we are truly blessed by her. Thank you so much ,Precious Lord, for giving us such a special gift! It is such an adventure to be her parents and I know that God has power-packed her full of amazing things to use in furthering His kingdom! So, without further ado:

Happy Birthday, Sweet Lerloo!!!!

Here is the onslaught of photographic memories -

Good morning, Birthday Girl!

I decorated the night before. That's what the group of things from Target and the special occasion was about a few posts back.... I wanted to keep it simple, but I had to do a pinnacle birthday banner, so I ended staying up too late making it on the computer, cutting it out and threading the ribbon through each one.

Zekey was more excited about the whole affair than Ailey and kept asking if it was his birthday. :)

This one is a keeper. I hope she likes pink and green for many years to come.... ;p


I put some of those party blowers on the table, so the kids were very entertained while I got breakfast ready.

Ailey couldn't blow hard enough in it to make it work, but she was having a good time trying....

Waffle birthday breakfast

Cookie Birthday Cake, yummmmm!

Wasn't exactly what I had planned to do and I went all kinds of crazy with the icing and colors, but its the taste that counts and it counted!

The whole shebang


Ailey has been wearing this back pack around for most of day lately.

Ailey was LOVING all the attention as we sang to her. She kept singing "happy birthday to you" over and over again.

Zekey actually blew her candles out for her in all his excitement, so Sam lit them again so she could blow them out.

See Zekey's puggy face? :) She did a very good job blowing them out!

That is an "I did it!" grin.

Granny got her a pink vacuum.

Daddy was having a fun time opening it....

Some assembly was required.

And off she went!

We got her a pink bean bag, so they all now have their very own.
Zekes was having a very hard time because Ailey was in no mood to share her new toy and he VERY much wanted to play with it. Braden was more interested in the assembly part. :)

Braden and Zekey helped open her presents. Braden sounded like he was her tour guide. It was funny. He helped me put this present together because it was from him and Zekes.

That plush flower was only a dollar at Target and she loved it. So funny!

Apparently the scepter and crown that I made her isn't of interest, yet. Maybe later, eh?

Zekey, however, was most willing to try it on and pose for a pic.

I didn't get pictures, but Sam put both the crown and the flower headband on and oh, how I wish I had captured that!


Kat said...

You are so creative, Shelly! Everything looks great and like such a good time :-)

mzzterry said... I can not believe that she is two. the party looks wonderful. you outdid yourself ;) i really love how excited her brothers get over her bday!!

Happy birthday to you Ailey ;)