Thursday, March 17, 2011

My love for tissues

I'm a tissue nut. I am and I can't help myself. I have a tissue box in my room, the bathroom and the living room. There may even eventually be one found in each of the kids' rooms. If I had a craft room, there would be a box in there, too. I buy them in bulk because I go through them like crazy! Anyway, I have an affinity for Puffs, specifically. They are soft and contain things nicely. :) I grew up on Kleenex or store brand and didn't know the joyful loveliness of Puffs until I was an adult. I honestly didn't get my affinity for tissues until I was an adult, either. My mom had a box in every room growing up and I always thought it was crazy how much she blew her nose! Crazy lots, I tell you! I always told her I didn't need to blow my nose like that and that I would NEVER have tissues all over my house like she does. Haha!

Fast forward..many...years to after my tech school stint in California when I got stationed in San Angelo, TX. Enter MAJOR allergies. Guess what I am very allergic to. Dust among several other things, of course. Guess what San Angelo has a lot of....yep. So, that began my great love for tissues. I tried to get by on store brand because we all know I try to be thrifty where I can, but there is just no hope there. (That and can't be chintzy when it comes to tp....have to do a post about that someday. :) I went to Kleenex because it was familiar. I used them for years and then for some reason one day I tried Puffs. I think it was winter and I had a very chapped nose and I was desperate. Kleenex didn't have their version of the lotion kind at the time. It was love at first blow. I couldn't believe the difference it made. Then, I started buying for the seasons. Regular Puffs for every day. The Plus with lotion for winter and then...then, they came out with Ultra. It was like tissue bliss! I have to admit that I didn't really like how greasy the lotion ones were and the ultra seemed to have the right mix of everything that is wonderful and fabulous for my nose. had me at hello.

Okay, although, I still think very highly of the ultras, I have switched back to the lotion ones. Sam's Club is the bulkiest way to buy tissues and they only carry the lotion ones. I was a little hesitant at first because, again, I don't like the greasiness. I was pleasantly surprised to find that is no longer the case. Yay!

Now, you may be wondering what brought all this on? Then again, maybe you aren't wondering that. Well, let me shed some light on the subject anyway. I have a project in mind....involving my tissue boxes. Since they are ever present in so many "public" rooms, I want to make covers for them. If I were the box designer for Puffs, I wouldn't be having this dilemma, but since I'm not, I found this tutorial over at Design Sponge. I'll have to tweak it for the bigger boxes I buy, but she explains how to do that, so it shouldn't be any big deal. I honestly can't tell you how excited I will be to have my tissues within easy reach in all rooms necessary AND color coordinated to go with the decor. Really, its the little things in life....

Oh, and on a related recent occurrance, I sent my nephew, Elijah, his extraordinarily, super-duper, there-is-really-no-excuse, two-month late birthday money. I can't just send money in a card. It bothers me. There should be more to it than that. Just a thing I have. Anyway, you know those little travel packs of tissues? Well, I took one, took all the tissues out, folded all the bills to fit in the folds of nearly all the tissues, then stuffed them back into the package and mailed it that way. :) I like to give presents in as creative and interesting a way as possible. Anyway, his younger brother, Gabe, told him not to throw the tissues away because he could use them. Aaahhhh! That is a young man after my own heart! Love it!!!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

LOVE at first BLOW- hahaha! that was good... I made a bunch of these little tissue pouches for our primary teachers when I was in the pres. and they were a hit. Here's the link if you're interested

You wouldn't be able to survive in my house- I NEVEr buy tissue- Jeebs buys it when he thinks about it because I was raised on just using TP or your finger- you know!!