Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zekey's first dentist visit

Today Zekey went for his first check up at the dentist office. He did such a good job. The lady that cleaned his teeth said that he did better than some of the older kids that come in there. I thought that was funny. When he goes to appointments that are just about him, he's usually super laid back and follows instructions very well. The x-rays were a bit of a challenge because the film for the sides of his mouth were a bit big for him and he kept gagging. The first lady kept trying, but couldn't get him to close his mouth right over it, so she was just going to leave it. They ended up having to retake the frontal x-ray anyway and a different lady did it the second time and she was able to get the sides as well. :) Try, try again! The dentist office has two play areas and there is a t.v. in the exam area as well, so Zekey was super focused on the movie they had playing. It all ended with no cavities, a yellow balloon and a prize bag with a new toothbrush and little flossers. He was quite the happy camper. Way to go Zekes!!!


Aurea Robillard said...

Wew~ Once again, another motivation! The two play areas are probably always filled with children, though. Haha! Zekey did a great job, btw. He probably kept on gagging because he felt awkward with the x-rays. Good thing that he was able to get a ballon, a toothbrush and some flossers. You should teach him how to floss properly.

Melisa Guyette said...

Good job, Zekey! It’s good that he was very relaxed during the dentist visit, even though the x-ray process might have taken a while. I hope the trouble with the x-ray film didn’t upset him too much! I’m sure he has been looking forward to every dentist visit since his first one because he did so well!